Icon of Saint Nicholas.

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Any nation, whether or Slavic Muslims, honor their ancestors, saints and those who, according to ancient sources, made history.So, today you can find a variety of symbols and signs, made in honor of one of the wise men, miracle workers.For example, one of the truly decent work is considered an icon of Saint Nicholas.She is not only beautiful, but also is of great importance.

Who is Nicholas Ugodnik?

Let's look at history.Nikolai Ugodnik - Archbishop, who is often called the miracle worker.This meant that the holy man was a patron of the seas, travelers, children and merchants.In the history of the church, he was a symbol of power, goodness and justice.He was born saint in Asia Minor.It happened in the third century AD.The fate of Saint Nicholas was hard, and many believe it is due to such a test of his soul and body chosen the right path in life.

boy was born in the Greek colony, and from an early age was very religious.Since childhood, he has dedicated his life to Christianity.Thanks to my parents Nikolay Ugodnik able to get a basic education.The boy loved to study Holy Scripture.Almost all the time he was in the home of the Holy Spirit, where the day did not come out.At night, Nicholas and prayed, read and mentally talk with God.An interesting fact is that after the death of the parents gave the guy all his inheritance to charity.

Home Activities St.

St. Nicholas Church Ugodnik served during the reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletian and Maximian.The two men hated Christians and issue decrees about their pursuit.During this difficult period destroyed churches, communities and other institutions.But Nicholas Ugodnik always been on the side of the people.He was nicknamed "advocate", as he has always defended the interests of innocent prisoners and maligned people.

addition, Nicholas often prayed for sailors, mentally sending them successful weather, protection from piracy and other adversities.Over a lifetime, the saint he attributed many miracles and acts.Archbishop in Russia has been the most respected, as well as throughout the world.Today Nikolai Ugodnik (Wonderworker) - a symbol of protection from disease and adviser to the failures, which always helps.His power will always be the great Russian people.


miracle worker One of the earliest events in his youth was a miracle worker pilgrimage to Jerusalem.Saint decided to take this step because we want to help and to fulfill the requests of desperate travelers.Some argue that prayer Nicholas enlivened people gave strength and confidence, saved from destruction.It should be noted that in his youth he went to study in Alexandria, and at the time of his life raised sailor who fell from the mast.

There is also a legend of how St. Nicholas saved three Ugodnik young girls, the beauty of which is to "sell" their own father, because he thought that the only way to pay off your debts and survive in such a difficult time.When the saint learned about the hard life of young girls, he made his way towards them home at night and left a bag of gold to the eldest of the daughters, who became her dowry.Exactly 12 months later Nikolai repeated the same thing, only this time the money he had left the middle of the sisters.Somehow, their father learned that Ugodnik help their family, and decided to thank him.Then the man hid in the room, and the younger daughter had expected when it comes Nicholas.According to one version, he still saw a miracle worker, but he took no thanks.It should be noted that he was considered an ardent warrior of the Church of Christ.Sources say he glared idols and pagan temples mercilessly.

relics of St. Nicholas

During his long life, Nikolai Ugodnik made many brave and noble deeds.Some believe that it was for his services God gave him many years of life, it's true, a miracle worker died at a very old age.Today, the relics of Saint Nicholas are kept in the Basilica of St. Nicholas (Bari), but not at full strength.Since some of them are in Turkey, in the church of St. Nicholas.This is due to the fact that all the power of the alleged kidnap failed.So it turned out that they are stored in completely different areas.

In honor of the great saint were built churches and temples in different cities and countries.It is assumed that the sailors took some of the relics of Nicholas and transported her to Bari, but other fragments remain in the grave.People brought the remains to Venice, where it was built another church.

of the holiday of St. Nicholas

Today in many cities and countries, there is a temple of Saint Nicholas, which can visit anyone.And no wonder that people are happy to go to this place.Some are looking for support, comfort others, and still others just want to thank the saint for their assistance.For a long time Nicholas is the patron saint of ordinary people, innocent, slandered, weak.

In honor of this great man of our time is the day of St. Nicholas.How do people come to this?It started from the date of transfer of the relics.At that time, only the residents of Bari, who had the honor to store the remains of the saint, celebrated this holiday.In other countries it was not considered to be genuine and not taken seriously.However, on the lands of the Great Russia has always venerated saints, and hearing about the celebration of St. Nicholas has spread very quickly.The Orthodox Church has set a date - 9 May.Since that time, namely in 1087, the people celebrated the feast of the great and revered saint of God.

Today the holiday is celebrated several times a year.But representatives of the Russian people it is associated with the date of 19 December.In addition, this day is considered to be a children's holiday, as Nicholas brings gifts to his young friend under his pillow (unless they have all year behaved well).

Modern holiday dates

So, nowadays there are several dates of the feast of St. Nicholas.First - it is 6 (19) of December.Previously it was thought that this miracle worker the day of death, but today it is a regular children's party, which is associated with candy and new toys, fairy-tale image appeared under the pillow of the child.The second date - a 9 (22) of May.This holiday is celebrated with 1087, when the remains of the saint arrived in Bari.Finally, June 29 (August 11) - Christmas Nicholas.

Sacred place of Saint Nicholas in the hearts of the Russian people

On the lands of the Russian Empire has always honored the name of miracle worker.Besides, it is not hidden from the prying eyes of believers and the icon of Saint Nicholas, which means a lot to everyone.It is connected with it a huge amount of work and temples that have been dedicated to this man.Until the twentieth century, the name of Nicholas was one of the most popular consecration babies.People thought that, calling the boy, they subconsciously convey to him a piece of holiness and courage miracle worker.

Icon of Saint Nicholas

have already mentioned that people loved and idolized Saint Nicholas, he had been approached with requests for intercession.No wonder that after his death they began to worship the icon of the miracle worker.For every Slav, it was of great importance.But what is the meaning harbored icon?Why do people thought and continue to think that it is able to heal, help and protect?

symbol of protection, nobility and justice in Russia was Nicholas' man.Icon, the value of which have sought to describe and explain, was the epitome of the miracle worker after his death.It is referred to when you need help, it actually helps the believer.And no matter rich or poor, what his religious preference or color, icons immense influence.

value Wonderworker icon

Icon of Saint Nicholas "works" for each person in different ways.But there is a theory that she did then.According to many scientists, it is a symbol of protection of the people.In it lies its value.It is believed that the icon is able to heal, relieve ailments, work miracles, and it does not matter, believer or not.Thus, the value is easy to decipher - a talisman that helps people.Of course, many people preferred to worship the original icon.Today, the image of the saint can be purchased in many places, but this influence will not diminish the wonderful paintings.It is important to know what action the icon becomes several times stronger than if recite a special prayer.

Prayer Nicholas saints

has long prayer before the icon was considered as a guarantee of protection of human and people of which he asks the holy image.Therefore it is always recommended to speak her action to be stronger.In fact, there are so many prayers Nicholas pleaser.A man need only choose the one that will help to achieve the desired result.For example, ask about marriage, or protect, or get rid of the disease trouble, and so on.Yet allocate seven main prayers are able to learn each person.Then, uttering them before an icon, he can be sure that an unusual force will protect him and all members of the family, as well as home and family.

Icon of Saint Nicholas (Miracle Worker) has magical powers.It can not only comply with the request of man, but also to answer some questions.Sincere prayer is endowed with inexplicable force that can heal, get rid of the mental or physical illnesses, and to become enlightened, join in wedlock with loved ones and forget the quarrels.In addition, the icon has an energy that solves the problems of life, ranging from small to large.No icons of Russia, except those that were dedicated to the Virgin Mary, did not occupy such an important place in the hearts of the Slavic people as the image of Saint Nicholas.

Interesting facts

each person can meet its icon of Saint Nicholas.This involves the fact that the holiday is celebrated on different days of the calendar.Thus, there is an icon "Nikola winter" and "Nicola vernal".First while depicted in episcopal miter, and the second - with her head uncovered.Therefore, one should not assume that the icons are different, and the people on them are also different.There, they both have the same value and miraculous effect on people.

Among other things, Ugodnik Nicholas is also the patron of the Orthodox Roma.Also interesting it is the fact that for some miracle worker is a Santa Claus.That's because, according to one legend, when Nicholas was leaving bags poor girls and their father wanted to meet him and to thank, he foresaw this situation and threw the gold into the chimney.It is the story and built the prototype of the great and generous Santa.

It should also be noted that in the Ryazan diocese celebrated St. Nicholas Day.This celebration is celebrated in honor of the Local and image miracle worker.The Slavs Archbishop often associated with God himself.It occupies an important place in the hearts of believers, and always helps them to cope with illnesses and setbacks.In Russia, live representatives of the Buddhist people - Buryats.They identify Saint Nicholas with the deity of prosperity and longevity.Kalmyks, in turn, included in the pantheon of spirits miracle worker-owners of the Caspian Sea.

St. Nicholas

Oddly it may seem to some unbelievers, but the icon of Saint Nicholas really "works".Nowadays, there are proof, because their stories are divided into ordinary people who pray image miracle worker.For example, placing an icon in the car, many were saved from serious accidents or deaths as a result of a dangerous accident.Others share their impressions about the power of healing.Many women image of the saint helped to find love and happiness.St. Nicholas Ugodnik (icon, the value of which is treated as a talisman, a symbol of protection, grace, and so on) was first depicted in about 1325.

place for a "conversation" with the holy

Finally, it should be noted that there is a place where you can always pray, and "to speak to a miracle worker" - is the chapel of Saint Nicholas.But ask for help from the saint can be at home, in front of his face, or do without icons.The main thing you need to do it with good intentions, pure soul and sincerity.