What are the first symptoms of stomach cancer

terrible diagnosis - "stomach cancer" - often heard people, fifty years have stepped abroad.A very small percentage of cases are in young people.At risk are mostly by men.But regardless of who might be a potential ill, one must know the early symptoms of stomach cancer.At least, in order to distinguish it from other diseases.Moreover, cancer is "younger", and it is connected with the younger generation of smokers with weakened immune systems.At the same time no one is immune from the disease.


first symptoms of stomach cancer are diagnosed it is not always as oncology, writing off all of the problems with the gastrointestinal tract.However, some signs are systematically manifested indicate disease:

  • weight loss without apparent reason;
  • general weakness and fatigue;
  • lack of appetite;
  • iron deficiency anemia;
  • periodically rolls after eating nausea, vomiting;
  • soft and black stools;
  • depression and apathy.

In some cases, advanced cancer is a systematic increase in body temperature.Adenocarcinoma - the most common form of the diagnosis "stomach cancer".The first symptoms are the same as in the ordinary diseases of the digestive tract.Specialist can diagnose cancer oncologist when viewed from a therapist or palpation of the abdomen.Sometimes ill themselves overtures at the tumor, and then go to the doctor.

Stomach cancer.Signs and symptoms

There are four stages of the disease.The first three painless and do not cause much discomfort.Detect the disease at an early stage is difficult, but it is a guarantee of a speedy recovery.The latter manifests itself in the form of painful follows:

  • pain after eating;
  • characteristic pain at the top of the stomach, extending to the waist;
  • systematic pain, regardless of any factors;
  • severe pain radiating to the back, abdomen, or hips.

At the initial stage of the disease the tumor is usually detected by chance.For example, if X-rays or FGS.The first symptoms of stomach cancer, indicating the disease - anemia.A person who has never experienced a lack of iron in the body, it finds itself in have a simple blood test.After the specialist makes the diagnosis - anemia.This may signal the beginning of the development of gastric cancer.It is recommended to consult an oncologist for examination in order to prevent disease.

first symptom of stomach cancer are not always correctly interpreted.Severe back pain some regard as sciatica or neuralgia.In the treatment of these diseases away precious time that could be used for the treatment of cancer.It is advisable at least once a year to be screened.Especially those who are at risk - smokers, people who abuse alcohol, fatty lovers and canned food to people in the age "50".

first symptoms of cancer of the stomach - vomiting and nausea after a meal - can be interpreted as food poisoning.It is important to take all of the tests and examinations take place, regardless of age.