How to perform a pickling cabbage

Sauerkraut is obtained in the process of impact on fresh vegetable lactic acid generated during fermentation of sugar contained in the juice product.

Cabbage on the table a man appeared before the potatoes out of it for a long time cook different delicious dishes.Vegetable boiled, stewed, fried, added to salads, as well as produce salted cabbage.It pickled product is considered a major source of vitamins in the winter and spring during the period of beriberi.

interesting is the fact that the availability and ease of preparation did not make sauerkraut meal, intended only for the common people.Even the Russian nobles and princes of the specially grown vegetables and then made salting the cabbage, not only for the guards, but also for his family, being sure that the product is sour source of good health and uncommon strength.

product becomes a real salvation for travelers from scurvy.It is also important that a large amount of vitamins contained not only in the dish, but also in the brine, which was carried out salting cabbage for the winter.And if leavens the whole cabbages or halves, then they saved almost twice as many nutrients and vitamins than in cabbage, which took slicing.Properly pickled vegetables can keep the whole complex of vitamins to almost 8 months.

salted cabbage: a recipe

With cabbages need to cut the top sheet and the bottom part of the stem.Then cabbage divided into halves and chopped into fine strips.Several heads of cabbage cut into quarters or halves.

Next on the work surface must be put chopped vegetables, it should be a little salt and mix well.Thereafter, the cabbage was triturated until perform juice.Here the main thing - do not overdo it and do not make the product too soft.The next step is fermented and purified on a coarse grater rub the carrot, then it is added to the shredded cabbage and lightly mix.

Prepare a clean container, which will be salting the cabbage pieces.To do this, fit a wooden or ceramic barrel, a large glass jar or enamel saucepan.At the bottom of the tank should put a piece of black bread, which is covered by a cabbage leaf.

A portion of the prepared product is placed in a dish and how to knead.After filling the container half full, you need to close to each other are cut cabbage.Among them you can place a few apples.

On top sprinkle with chopped composition mixed with carrots and salt, again knead and continue filling the vessel until the slide appears.Once again tamped until the juice.On top is covered with cabbage leaves whole over which leaves linen napkin and finish laying all oppression (cargo).

capacity should be left in a warm place.After the cabbage let foam, wooden long stick is necessary to perform multiple punctures to the bottom.Salted cabbage takes about 10 days.The product should be identified on the storage, which is carried out at a temperature of 0-3 degrees Celsius.