How to wrap a shawarma at home

Shawarma - Eastern dish gained immense popularity in the late 90s.Prepare it with bread, pita bread and tortillas.The basic and indispensable ingredient is considered to be meat.Filling in the shawarma is different and depends on the choice of the recipe and individual preferences.Very many people are interested in how to wrap Shawarma House.This will be discussed further.

traditionally roasted meat shuarmy upright on elektrogrile, and then by cutting thin slices, put in a pita.In home conditions it is not at all available electrical grill, so finely sliced ​​meat can just fry in a pan.Before roasting meat should be marinated beforehand.Marinate it can be a simple way - by adding spices, chopped onion rings.Then you need to fill in the meat podkisshim white wine or cider vinegar and leave to marinate for at least an hour.Meat kebab you can use any from chicken to pork, it all depends on personal preference.

Before shawarma wrap, you must prepare a special sauce.It is prepared from a vegetable oil, garlic, eggs, and salt.In one liter of oil goes 2 eggs, 9-12 cloves of garlic and a teaspoon of salt.Eggs with salt whisk mixer.After the crushed garlic is added slowly poured oil - to the sauce was not too liquid.You can also experiment and add a little lemon or vinegar.Thrill can put a little red pepper and turmeric.Once the sauce is poured a glass of warm water.Those who have no desire to cook the sauce, can replace it with mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

Often Shawarma added French fries, which is not recommended.In addition, it spoils the taste of the shawarma, fries drizzled with sauce can raskisnut and turn to mush.Therefore, it is better not to put.

To make shawarma pita should be used fresh, as stale can crack and the filling will come out.Before shawarma wrap a sheet of lavash with one end placed pre fried meat and stuffing.You can use different ingredients: Korean carrots, sliced ​​cabbage, onions, mushrooms, slices of tomato, pickles - all this is perfect for filling shawarma.Do not interfere, and grated cheese.Do not forget about the sauce.After all packed, you can start tightening.

How shawarma wrap right?To do this, pita folded across the ends of the filling, and after wrapped pita bread with filling in the form of tubes.Since stuffing will not fall out of the pita.Next, it is necessary to heat the shawarma.

traditionally used for heating the device, similar to elektrovafelnitsu.At home, the same conditions, you can use a frying pan.It is not recommended to heat the dish in the microwave, as pita bread can raskisnut.

If you comply with all the recommendations should get very tasty shawarma.Caloric content of such a product, given its structure, of course, considerable, but still sometimes you can treat yourself and loved ones this delicious dish.