Gifts for a boy 11 years.

What to choose gifts for the 11 year old boy on his birthday?Toys, clothes, sweets, tickets to football ... It all depends on his interests, social status, adolescent needs.So, for one child or a trip to the bowling water park will be a bright event, and for another - common, one in the joy of a huge plastic tractors and other electric tired.Yet eleven teenager easier to please than eighteen.

Conventional gifts for 11 year old boy: the pros and cons

  1. Computer Games.If the child is adequately related to the Internet, computer games, giving them no more than twenty minutes a day, then you can give the latest version of the desired game.However, most teenagers suffer from Internet addiction, so these gifts are undesirable.
  2. Clothing.Tastes in children are quite different, they have their own attitude and understanding of the world, why not pick up the boy's clothes will be difficult.You can take a birthday in the store and buy a model on its own.Just keep in mind that sometimes their desire not the intended budget.
  3. Toys.Boys try to trim more than 11 years of adult toys.If a machine with remote radio control, it must be impressive size.Do not buy helicopters, cars and other vehicles on the radio bad quality - they will break in a few days, and the child will be an unpleasant aftertaste.
  4. Designer.Choose an adult designer to be able to construct architectural buildings.
  5. Developing games.Any puzzles, economic, strategic game must be age-appropriate.If the boy is easy to collect puzzle of a thousand pieces, then buy more than five thousand.If a teenager is set up to link their lives with finances, get a "monopoly".If the child is not interested, give such gifts do not have to.
  6. Books.What to buy a boy of 11 years of encyclopedias and fiction?We need to consult with the birthday boy and his parents, as it is possible to make a mistake and tastefully child (if he bibliophile), and educational requirements (if you take an encyclopedia).

Analysis of unusual gifts

  1. Portrait handmade.It has become fashionable to order a portrait handmade.It can be cross-stitch or bead.But such a gift, rather, will be pleasing to the parents of the birthday.
  2. Portrait as a design element.It is also popular to give T-shirts, cups, saucers, plates with the image of the birthday.But the boys at this age will attract very different gifts.At 11 years old boy souvenirs it is better not to give - he did not understand.
  3. Subscribe to an entertainment center.Sociable teen like to spend with your favorite friends all day at the entertainment center, which paid for meals and all games.Please note that there are children who do not like noisy places and crowds, so it will be enough a couple of hours to various attractions.
  4. Scientific Laboratories.If a child is curious, that he likes to experiment on different subjects.Otherwise, such a gift will gather dust on the shelves.
  5. sets creativity.There are special creative sets for boys, especially popular engravings, fees modelek cars, helicopters.But most sets require the help of adults, so take the time to help the adolescent understand the instructions.
  6. tablet, smartphone, laptop.Many parents expensive gifts for his birthday 11 years old boy was not welcome.Firstly, adolescents often surrounded by large campaign where high school students are selected things.Second, most boys sloppy against expensive gifts (for example, putting a smartphone in your pocket and playing soccer).
  7. Perfume.Many boys do not look at age adults, they are interested in the opposite sex, and so they begin to monitor their hygiene.However, without knowing the tastes of a teenager, you can go wrong with the scent of perfume.

Useful gifts

  1. sports equipment.Bicycles, scooters, roller skates, skis, sports uniforms, fitness equipment, trampolines - are excellent gifts for a boy of 11 years, regardless of his physical fitness.This is especially important for our time as constructing yards for children with basketball, football pitch in the summer and a skating rink in winter.
  2. Excursions.Tours are now sold throughout the country for children, where two or three guides accompany students from all over the region.Children attend excursions, exploring the historical past of a Russian town.At the request of parents can afford to buy a ticket and to look after the child.
  3. cultural events.As a greeting, a boy of 11 years can give the tickets to the circus, a museum, a theater, an exhibition, an ostrich farm, a concert of your favorite band, but only to study the tastes of the child.If your teenager is interested in space, it will please a ticket to the planetarium;If you are interested in reptiles, is pleased to go to the zoo.
  4. resort.A trip with his family to the resort will be a healthy, pleasant, such as for children.However, this issue should be discussed with the parents of the birthday to match the rest time.

What to give the boy 11 years to get "to the point"?

eleven years old - an age when the boy already has his own taste, attitudes, interests, and preferences.You can find out in advance what he is interested in and what he wants to receive.Sometimes the needs of adolescents with commensurate financial donor.

Then we can together with his parents and other relatives piled on one expensive gift.Sometimes parents are allowed to give money to an adult birthday party, the child was saving them for the purchase of a gift of their dreams.But this situation should be negotiated in advance.

gift to remain a surprise, a few months just talk to a teenager of his hobbies.Maybe the boy collects collectible cars or ships, then you can buy rare models.

Optimally discuss gifts from the parents of a child when it comes to clothing, educational games, expensive equipment, sports equipment.Since there are times when a teenager give the same toys.Boys 11 years still to the fore not gifts, and holiday with friends.

As noted at home?

prepare for the birthday in advance is necessary.Child prescribes a list of guests and offers a theme, and my mother would have been to prepare meals and design of the apartment on the selected subject.For example, the boy is a fan of Harry Potter, then you need to consider attributes to visitors (school badges, coats), contests and food.

This plot simplifies cooking.It is enough to set the cup on the table with the individual ingredients and magical names, and each child is given a list of different salads.Children were mixed at the proportions of the ingredients and get a "potion".

birthday party 11 years old boy, you can invite artists in costumes fairy-tale characters.They can offer a pre-script contest, parents will take on a home decoration and cooking.Before inviting artists view their portfolio in the videos, pay attention to children's emotions (sometimes jokes fairytale characters are understandable only to adults).

How to celebrate in the street?

If the weather allows, it is better to spend the holiday in the American tradition.Tables with appetizers, tartlets, canapes, sandwiches, fruit and berries are in one corner under a canopy.And the whole area involved under the outdoor games and competitions.In this embodiment, mothers need not worry for dirty dishes, enough to buy disposable plates and cups.From adult requires only organizational work and judging competitions.

Even as an option - to go with the family, relatives and friends of nature.First, children can catch fish and then cook soup, baked fish, vegetables.Nature adults more relaxed and can play with the children in the ball, rope, catch-up.In this embodiment, suitable for gifts military and sports toys for boys 11 years: crossbows, water guns, badminton, darts and tennis.

advantage of street festivals is that children are not restricted in his movements and games, mothers are exempt from dirty dishes, cleaning the house, careful selection of decorations for the holiday.And here is a small drawback is that you have to prepare a lot of food, because during the game in the fresh air there is a "brutal" appetite.

Self celebration: the pros and cons

Many teenagers want to spend their own holiday without the presence of adults.In this case, you must look at the child's behavior.If a teenager is neat at the usual time, you can not be afraid of the condition of the house, only to negotiate games for boys 11 years allowed in the apartment.If he is happy with the mess and wants a holiday without an adult, you can use several options.

  1. Teens walking in the nursery and parents play the role of a waiter.Some children are quite satisfied with this option, since they are left to themselves, but the table is replenished with necessary products.
  2. Children walk in a room, the adults celebrated in another.In this embodiment, the birthday boy takes on part of the undertaking: he entertains guests, he follows the provisions.
  3. Teens are in the house alone, and themselves serve.In this case, parents need to be discussed during the arrival when the apartment needs to be put in order.


If parents want to spend a holiday home, they care about two questions: "What to give the boy 11 years?" And "What are the contests, games are played?".It is important to take into account the theme of the birth and the interests of the children.If the holiday is dedicated to magic, the intelligent and competitions, dancing, moving devoted to magic heroes.

not necessary to arrange a quiz dedicated to the school curriculum (children immediately lose interest).If a purely male campaign, it is not necessary to hold dance competitions.Better to shift the organizational responsibilities of the Pope.

for children of eleven contests suit riddles guessing literary characters, puzzles, charades.Not bad play Drawing and essay competitions at the time of fairy tales.If you spend at home outdoor games for boys 11 years, that will suit contest on popping balls, drawing the animal with his eyes closed, picking puzzles or machine constructor of the speed competition squats, push-ups.

Cakes authoring

Many people like to give as a gift to the author's cake.This is not true.Child waiting for a gift that will be directly in his memory, and cake - it's likely to Present surprisingly all guests.Not every birthday cake is presented in the form of machines, fishing tank, a football field, with computer, fairy-tale heroes.Even more rarely give a cake for a boy of 11 years with its counterparts, that is, to make an accurate figure on the picture (such doll mastic used as a decorative element).Therefore, the sweets always apply another souvenir.