How to cook semolina?

Semolina is made from wheat.It is used for cooking porridge, dumplings, cakes and other things.In contrast to other cereals, semolina cooked quickly enough and also well absorbed by our body.That is why porridge is often included in the composition of dietary menus.

This cereal is probably the only one that is not digested in the stomach and the intestine, respectively, to people suffering from a disease of the intestine, semolina helps get rid of mucus, excess body fat and more.

In Manke lot of vegetable protein and starch, but low in fiber and minerals, vitamins.Due to the small amount of time required for preparation of cereal, all useful substances, so it feeds people who have had any surgery, as well as people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Munk in cooking is used not only for cooking cereals, but also for the preparation of other dishes such as puddings, dumplings, soups, salads, cakes, a variety of sauces.

few people who never in his life did not eat porridge.In Soviet times, this porridge fed almost all children, but very few people really know how to cook semolina correctly and not everyone turns out delicious and easy porridge without lumps the first time.

Before you proceed directly to the cooking porridge, you need to properly correlate the number of grains and water.To understand how to properly cook semolina, you need to know the exact proportions.Most often, this porridge is cooked in milk, but can be boiled in milk and mixed with water.Munk increases in volume several times in a very short period of time - about thirty seconds, during which time you should not only have time to add water when the porridge is too thick, and stir it carefully.Otherwise, instead of porridge you get tasteless substance with lumps.

few tips on how to cook semolina

Once you put water or milk on the stove, add a little salt and sugar.Groats need to fill in a boiling liquid in small portions, while it is necessary to thoroughly stir.Some stir the porridge spoon.But it would be best if you use a fork and at least a little sleep cereals will whisk the mixture, in this case, you not only get porridge without lumps, but it will be a light, airy consistency.

Take a small amount of cereals, as if you do not have time to fill it completely, then your cereal again be lumpy.Once you turn off the stove, add the butter and close the pan with a lid, let configure themselves a couple of minutes.Then, optionally, other excipients can be added, such as jam, marmalade and the like.

How to cook semolina?It is very simple, as you can see.Besides, it can add any fillers - berries, fruits and nuts.

How to cook semolina with black currant and sesame seeds

For one serving of cereal you need a glass of milk or cream (you can use half a glass of milk and half a cup of water), two spoons without slides semolina, butter to taste, salt, sesameseed, sugar (in the porridge and berry sauce), a half cup of berries, lemon juice and lemon for decoration.

berries to mix with the sugar, lemon juice and zest, to boil and stop for two minutes, then turn off the sauce and let it cool.

milk bring to a boil, add sugar to taste, salt, add semolina and stir with a fork.When the porridge is ready, mix it with butter, decorate with sauce and sesame seeds.In the same way it is possible to prepare porridge any berries.

Now you know how to cook semolina without lumps, light and fluffy consistency, you can try at your leisure, I assure you, you will love!