How to make yogurt at home

in dietary often referred yogurt.These products on the shelves of our shops galore, but if we take the package and read the part, we can see that there is useful for our body quite a bit: emulsifiers, coloring agents, preservatives and taste substitutes, "close to natural."Therefore, many people are wondering how to make yogurt yourself.Especially that sometimes we need a natural product without fruit and berry supplements (such as salad dressings).

Do not assume that you have no yogurt nothing.This device is more convenient because it preserves and maintains the desired temperature for a long time.Many brands have a timer that turns off the heat, so you do not need to set the alarm to stop the fermentation process.But this device is not irreplaceable.How to make yogurt without him?Enough good thermos or just a warm blanket.

To make a quality product, we need to have at least a general idea of ​​what it consists of yogurt, and what makes it so beneficial to our health.The basic structure - a whole milk.But the main secret of the product is not in it, and two forms of beneficial bacteria - Lactobacillus bulgaricus and thermophilic lactic streptococci.It is these tiny creatures and destroying pathogenic putrefactive microflora, as well as stimulate the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.So we need to get these bacteria.They are sold in pharmacies and are called "leaven for the yogurt."They may be in liquid or powder form.

bacteria in leaven "asleep" but getting in a supportive environment - whole milk temperature of 40 C - begin to multiply rapidly.Thus the process of fermentation.To stop it, simply put the jar in the refrigerator.Set itself the task to find out how to make yoghurt, you need to take responsibility for the choice of milk.The sterilized product is long-term storage is not suitable!It contains salt and stabilizers that are detrimental to starter bacteria.You can take a 10% cream, baked milk and give the finished product a delicate caramel flavor.

Thus, milk and leaven we purchased.How to make yogurt at home?Boil a liter of milk, cool it to 45 C. How to check the temperature - in fact too hot milk bacteria simply die and too cold will not breed?The finger is not worth trying - do not teach the codes into useful microbes.Push the pot with the milk to the cheek if the skin feels hot, but bearable, so that's what you need.Pour starter.If you do it the powder, pour a little milk into a glass, sprinkle in to leaven, mix well to dissolve lumps and mix with the rest of the milk.

If you - happy owner of yogurt, pour the product on the jar, close the lid and set the timer to 5-8 hours.How to make yogurt without this useful instrument?Well, you have a thermos in the economy there?Pour the milk with yeast in it, close the lid and leave to acidify the same.No thermos?No problem: wrap a warm blanket or a pot propped up by pillows, to maintain the desired temperature longer.

Do not think that the longer we stand up milk product, the better it will be released.The overabundance of bacteria to us too to anything.Therefore, after the deadline should stop ripening process and pour the product on banks.Avoid plastic container - it allocates milk phenol formaldehyde resins which contain carcinogens.You can add the yogurt produced berries, fruits, jam.