Uterine rupture: the consequences.

The woman's body is an important body, which is necessary for conception and childbearing.It's uterus.It consists of a body, the cervical canal and cervix.All these parts directly involved in the birth process.On the other side of the uterus is two tubes, and ovaries.It is here that mature cells, which are then fertilized and become toddlers.There are times when a woman is faced with various problems that are associated with the above authority.One of the biggest risks is uterine rupture.It is about the consequences of this disease will be discussed further.You will also learn what the gap cervix.We describe the extent and form of this phenomenon and say about the consequences.

gap cervical

At birth, this pathology occurs more often.However, there are cases where the dissection of the mucous membranes and occurs outside of the process.The main reasons of such circumstances are inflammatory processes, diseases of tissues, as well as the woman's age.Break the cervix during childbirth often becomes a consequence of misbehavior by women.It may also be due to the large body mass and growth of the baby.

Types breaks cervical

There are three degrees of cervical fracture.They differ in the affected area of ​​the shell.Only a doctor is able to soberly assess the complexity of the disease and the type of fracture.

  • first degree.In this case, the length of dissecting the mucosa surface is no more than two centimeters.
  • second degree.The cervix is ​​broken more strongly.In this dissection has a length greater than two centimeters, but it does not reach the base of the arch.
  • degree last (third).Gaps in this case, is very extensive.The cervix is ​​damaged completely, cut goes to the upper vaginal vault.

Do effects in pathology

gap cervix during childbirth has a very unpleasant consequences.Of course, most women can avoid this phenomenon.This requires the doctor to listen to during the process.However, a representative of the weaker sex, is preparing to become a mother, should know the consequences of rupture of the cervix during labor.The effects are described below.

Heavy bleeding

If damaged mucous membrane of the cervix, the pathology can be detected only after the expulsion of the placenta and the baby.At this time, the doctor with the help of the mirror examining vaginal vault, and notes the existence of bruising or pieces of fabric.

All this time there is an intensive discharge of blood.If massive damage a woman can lose consciousness.Also, if the aid is not provided on time, there is a possibility of death due to loss of blood.

treatment involves suturing tissues.The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia.In some cases, you may need a blood transfusion or plasma newly-fledged mom.

Inflammatory processes

gap cervical consequences may be in the form of infectious lesions.Since there stapling tissue are open wounds.Postnatal help cleanse the vaginal discharge.The conclusion is that the remnants of mucus and blood.All this may get into the fresh wound and cause inflammation.At the same time a woman starts to have pain in the pelvis, purulent discharge with an unpleasant odor.Also, in some cases, the temperature rises.

Treatment in this case is usually medication and outpatient.However, we must as soon as possible to inform the doctor about their symptoms.Otherwise, the infection may move to adjacent organs and hit the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Screwing out cervical

If the gap has not been adjusted properly, the effects of disease can be very unpredictable.Thus, the absence of seams on the basis of the cervical canal occurs cervical ectropion.In this case, the part of the mucosa, which is normally located within exits in the vaginal vault.This leads to a chronic inflammatory process.

Treatment in this case, often surgical.Some women do prefer to leave things as they are.At the same time the consequence of the wrong position of the cervix may be a miscarriage, premature birth or cervical insufficiency in subsequent pregnancies.

Can you give birth after treatment of pathology?

Childbirth after the rupture of the cervix can.If treatment has been carried out correctly and in time, the impact is likely to arise.However, in the absence of correction following pregnancy complications can occur.

  • Often when child-bearing after the break there is a possibility cervical incompetence.Thus it is necessary to suture to the neck to prevent preterm birth.
  • During labor the cervix may not open completely.This leads to repeated mucosal dissection.

Oncological pathology

After the rupture of the cervix during labor, and lack of treatment increases the risk of malignant lesions.Most often the beginning of this pathology is the erosion.All is due to the fact that the inner epithelium extends outwardly and attached to the vaginal vault.

uterine rupture

addition to dissecting the mucous membranes of the cervix a woman may face the phenomenon of perforation of the genitals.It is worth noting that these conditions are more serious.It is rare to have overlooked.In most cases of uterine rupture is accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen.These feelings are caused by the reduction of the body wall and extensive internal bleeding.Also, women may decrease heart rate and blood pressure, dizziness and weakness appear.All this is a consequence of blood loss.

In medicine, there are three types of divergence of the walls of the uterus: a menacing gap, beginning and accomplished.It should be noted that in the early symptoms are not as significant as the complete separation membranes genitals.

When a pathology and how to fix it?

Uterine rupture may occur under certain manipulations.These include hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, scraping cavity genitals, posing a spiral and so on.Rupture of the uterus during pregnancy, most often occurs in the presence of the scar on one side of the body.Treatment in this case must be carried out promptly.It is carried out under general anesthesia when the patient is immersed in a state of profound sleep.

compensation always depends on what area are of uterine rupture.Of course, doctors are making every effort to save the genitals.However, in some cases, this can not be done.If this happens, the surgeon removes the uterus along with the cervix and cervical canal.Uterine rupture consequences can cause the most deplorable.Let us examine them in detail.

massive bleeding

Uterine rupture is always accompanied by blood loss.When threatened discrepancy arises damage vessels walls of the inner shells.When this blood is usually not fed into the peritoneal cavity.However, the patient may note the presence of impurities in the pink urine and vaginal discharge.Uterine rupture during childbirth is always accompanied by contractions.This fact can give greased the clinical picture.

When Getting shells or take a discrepancy observed increased intra-abdominal bleeding, which is exacerbated by the emergence of labor.The woman observes a strong continuous pain in the abdomen.In some cases, it may turn blue area around the navel.

This condition is very dangerous.The consequence of disease is often fatal.That is why as soon as possible to provide medical care to the woman.With an accomplished break to save the child almost never fails.Only the lucky ones to survive after such oxygen starvation.This pathology can affect the baby later in life and cause developmental delays or other consequences.


Uterine rupture during childbirth effects can be quite complex.If the abnormality is not detected in time, the doctors have to remove the genital organ.This will help save the lives of women.After such an operation, the fairer sex is recognized barren.She will never be able to bear and give birth to a child.

It should be noted that the consequence is often accompanied by depression and stress.Particularly affected are women who have no children or babies died as a result of oxygen starvation.

adhesions in the pelvic area

If ruptured uterine scar or outside this area, the bleeding often leads to the formation of adhesions.All is explained quite simply.The liquid, which fell into the abdominal cavity, can not be completely removed.As a result, it thickens the finest plenochki appear.They are glued to each other bodies.In medicine, these formations are called adhesions.

appearance of such parts leads to persistent pain in the lower abdomen, a violation of the organs.They often lead to infertility and ectopic pregnancy risk.


If there is a perforation of the uterus, the consequences can become inflamed or infected.The hole must always be subjected to suturing.After such manipulation occurs separation of ichor.The wound may fall pathogens and bacteria.All this leads to the attachment of the infection.

consequences of such treatment often relies on the use of medicines.These include antimicrobial, antibacterial and immunomodulatory therapy.

aesthetic and psychological side

consequence of uterine rupture is always getting stitches in the lower abdomen.In this incision may have a horizontal or vertical position.Such wounds remain on the rest of his life, and constantly remind the woman that happened to her.Many of the fairer sex are beginning to be ashamed of his body because of the presence of a large scar on it.

It should also be said about the psychological side.Most women experience stress after such manipulation.The used anesthesia can affect the skin, hair, nails and impair memory.

Can you give birth after treatment of pathology?

birth after uterine rupture are possible only if the woman kept the genital organ.The majority of physicians insist on carrying out caesarean section, because they fear a repetition of complications.

It is worth noting that, with the seams on the cavity genitals should be carefully monitored over the next pregnancy.Such women are often appointed by ultrasound and further manipulation.

If there is a seam on the uterus, there is a risk of growing into a placenta.This can be seen only during childbirth.At the same time, doctors often remove abnormal child seat with the body.There is also delivered by caesarean section.

possible to avoid complications?

uterine rupture and its neck can be prevented.To do this, listen to the advice of experts and to carry out all the recommendations during childbirth.Most women find it difficult to control yourself in the process.That is why there are a variety of complications.

before pregnancy should be examined and, if necessary, to carry out treatment.It should be noted that the presence of sexually transmitted infections and inflammatory processes gives rise to risks.These groups of women have friable mucosa affected by microbes.

Wrap-up and conclusion of small articles

If you already have breaks and you are planning another pregnancy, you should be sure before that visit a gynecologist.The doctor will examine you and give necessary recommendations.

In some cases, it may require additional correction, which contribute to the exclusion of complications in the future.Be healthy and not get sick!