"I can not delete the folder": no reason for panic

Often on the forums a cry for help: "I can not delete the folder!".To some it may seem that the problem is far-fetched, because the file operations are studied more in the first science lessons.It is the foundation without which further full-time job with the system is practically impossible.So perhaps it is a green rookie said: "I can not delete the folder"?However, all is not so simple.When unfortunate circumstances such removal can be a problem even for the experienced user who knows very well what the right mouse button and a basket on the desktop.Also, sometimes blocking atomic operation can puzzle and experienced owner of the computer.What's the matter?

Modern OSes file access is not only the user, but also a variety of programs: system modules, anti-virus, even the filesystem.In which case, the person said: "I can not delete the folder."If you attempt this operation a window appears with a message about blocking element used at a given time the process or by another program.Sometimes, to solve this problem is enough banal reboot.But if after this thought "I can not delete the folder" does not leave the person, the reason for blocking serious.

Well, roll up their sleeves and overlay literature have to get down to business.It is the right mouse button to call the properties of "problem" folder and proceed to the tab "Security".Here, open "Extras - Master", you must change the access rights by redefining them over and choose a user name from the list.Sometimes it helps to transfer simple folder to another, where it can be safely removed.In general, the problem with the owner completely on the conscience "of the file system."Most often they occur when you reinstall the operating system.

But if no restart, no prescription owner does not solve the problem, we recommend a more universal way.It is a special program that is used to remove the folders.There are several of these software solutions, but we recommend Unlocker (Unlocker).It is not necessary to download it from third-party resources, because it is completely free, so without any difficulties "contracts" from the developer.There are three options: a 32, a 64 bit systems, as well as a portable version that requires no installation.We recommend that you use this, the last, as in this case, can be a time to rewrite the program in a folder, and when you first set up the system to run and to allow changes to the registry.

Note that still no such program will not give 100% guarantees successful removal of a file or folder.But even 80-90% is sufficient for most situations.After installing Unlocker in Windows Explorer, an additional entry - Ā«UnlockerĀ» with the image of a magic wand.You must click on the "problem" folder right mouse button and select the appropriate item.It should produce action - "Delete".That is so simple.Additionally possible to unlock, but since we are considering is removing folders, these processes - the theme of an entirely different article.