How to make ice cream by yourself?

Ice Cream - all the favorite product since childhood.Who does not want to please at least once a family or impress your friends this delicious delicacy own cooking?Therefore, many housewives are interested in how to make ice cream at home.Actually quite simple technique.This dessert can be made from those products which have in every kitchen.In addition, you will be sure that it has no preservatives, no dyes, no other cause concern products.

How to cook ice cream?

most popular and versatile recipe - it's vanilla ice cream.To make it, you will need 250 ml of milk, four egg yolks, vanilla (vanilla sugar), half a cup of cream and one hundred grams of sugar.To start put milk on a small fire and add the required amount of vanilla (take your pick).The milk must be brought to a boil, but do not boil.

During this time, whisk together the egg yolks and sugar with a mixer or blender.Add this mixture to the milk.Now hold the ice cream on low heat, do not forget to stir constantly with a spoon.It needs to w

arm up, as long as it does not not become like thick cream.

Now you have prepared the mixture cool, then add the cream and stir.Pour the cream on the forms and leave for a few hours in the freezer.You can enjoy a wonderful vanilla flavor and natural composition.

How to make homemade ice cream apple?

apples - is the most demanded product in the autumn and winter.Because it is possible to prepare fine ice cream without using a cream, milk or other high calorie foods.For apple ice cream you need to prepare three lemons, 1.2 kg of sweet ripe apples and a half cup of powdered sugar.

To start the apples cut into small pieces and pour boiling water so that the water completely covered the fruit.Pan cover and wait until the mixture is completely cool.Now, take the apple resulting broth through a fine grind and sated.In this mixture, add the juice from the lemons.It is necessary to measure the amount of the resulting preform for ice cream - the amount must be 5.5 cups.If the mixture is too low, add the correct amount of boiled water.Next to sprinkle powdered sugar and mix.Ice cream spread on the forms and leave in the freezer for a few hours.

How to cook ice cream yogurt?

delicacy made from yogurt will please not only great taste, but low calorie.Therefore, they can enjoy a sweet tooth, even those who follow the figure.To prepare the take 500 g yoghurt (preferably without any flavoring and aromatic additives), 100 g of sugar, a teaspoon of lemon juice and 200 g of raspberry (substitute strawberries, berries, currants, or other).

cooking technique is very simple.To start in a blender grind the berries with sugar, then add the lemon juice, and in the last instance - yogurt.Once all the components are thoroughly mixed, homogeneous mixture Put into molds and put in the freezer.Your diet ice cream is ready!

How to make ice cream in the ice cream maker?

Manufacturing is not much different from the usual vanilla options, the recipe of which was described above.The so-called ice milk - this is an excellent base for the addition of any ingredient.To prepare you need four egg yolk, 100 g of sugar, 300 grams of milk, and the same amount of cream.

First, bring to a boil (but can not boil) milk, then pour egg yolks to pre-frayed with sugar.The mixture must be heated and stir constantly until, until it becomes the consistency similar to sour cream.

bars for dessert cool, then add to the cream.The prepared mixture, place in the freezer - then the device does everything for you.