How to make a berry tart

Even the most delicious cookies and candies occasionally stale.At such moments, you want something new, natural, for example, home of berry pie.Surely many remember as a child in their mother preparing a cake in a frying pan or in the oven with cranberries or lingonberries.Tasty Baking able to gather round the table for peace talks the whole family, including grandparents and very young grandchildren.

To prepare berry pie, you need to take: 130 g.butter, egg, half cup sugar, 3 tbsp.flour, 400 gr.liquid sour cream, 3 large tablespoons of starch, a glass of strawberries, a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of baking soda.Berries cut into 4 pieces.Margarine spread in a bowl and melt in microwave oven or over a fire.In the same bowl spread 50g.sour cream, egg and pour sugar.All the ingredients are whipped whisk or a mixer, add flour and ground to a homogeneous mass.Special baking dish oiled, spread the top layer of dough, about 0.5 cm thick. For the dough pour berries.On top of the cake pour a mixture of sour cream and starch residues.The oven is heated to 200 degrees and then putting it into the shape of half an hour.Ready berry tart turns out very flavorful and tender.

Berry pie with blackberry

To make it, you need to take: 250 g.flour, half a pack of margarine, one and a half cups of sugar, three eggs, 2 large spoons of sour cream, 100g.cottage cheese, a pinch of salt, a little vanilla, 400 grams of fruit, 100 gr.blackberry yogurt.First we need to prepare the dough: slightly podtopit margarine until it becomes soft, but not flowed, to drive him 3 yolks, add sour cream, flour and grind the resulting mass.The dough is cooled in the refrigerator for three hours and then rolled into a big fat pancake.They put him into the prepared greased form so that the edges of 2-3 cm raised above the bottom.At the bottom of the mold spread a layer of berries.Separately, mix cottage cheese, yogurt and 0.25 cups of sugar.Three protein is mixed with salt and vanillin are added 0.75 cup sugar.Rub a weight of up to half a sturdy foam and mixed with curd.Pour the sweet weight of berries, slightly bends the edge of the dough and give it shape in the oven for fifteen minutes at 210 degrees.On top of the cake spread the remains of protein mass and a few berries for decoration.Put the form back into the oven for about an hour at 100 degrees.When the meringue will start to turn yellow, berry cake is ready.

women carefully watching their weight, can prepare a berry tart without dough.

take: half a kilo of fresh berries, vanilla 2 bags, 2 large spoons of starch and 100 grams.water (not hot), a quarter of a pack of butter, a tablespoon of chopped nuts (any), 400 gr.cottage cheese, 300 gr.milk, 150 gr.sugar and 50 grams.flour.First, mix cottage cheese with one bag of vanilla and milk.Spread this mixture on the paved a special paper form.Above is poured a layer of berry filling - mulled berries with vanilla and remaining tablespoon of sugar, poured into a small saucepan and heat.Then the diluted starch in water and poured into a hot berry puree.The resulting mass is prevented until thick.Newest goes nutty layer: Mix the remnants of sugar, flour, nuts and oil flooding.All the ingredients are mixed and poured over berry layer.Put the cake in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees, and after 40 minutes take out the finished cakes.

summer you can cook a delicious berry tart with blueberries.For its preparation must take 1.5 cups of jam or blueberry peretёrtoy with sugar, a cup of sugar, a pound of flour, three eggs, a small packet of baking powder, a cup of fresh blueberries and a packet of butter.Oil stoked mixed with sugar, flour, baking powder and eggs.The dough is rolled out into a circle and spread in the form, leaving the high edge.The berries are dumped into the center buckle edge and put the cake in the oven for half an hour, heated to 200 degrees.

can cook berry tart from the finished dough - put circle of dough rolled out in the form of fluff, slightly bend the edge, pour a glass of it washed berries (any).Sprinkle berries 2nd Art.spoons of sugar and put the form in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees for 20 minutes.