The defeat of the oculomotor nerve: Symptoms

oculomotor nerve belongs to the group of mixed nerves.It consists of a motor and parasympathetic fibers.It is due to the oculomotor nerve is performed lifting, lowering, rotation, and other movements of the eyeball.But his role is much more important and is not only this.This is a necessary component for the normal functional operation of the optic nerve of the analyzer also provides the normal movement of the century, and the reaction of the pupil to light.

defeat of the oculomotor nerve: the symptoms, the main symptoms

It should be noted that an isolated breach of this nerve is very rare.Here are the main symptoms:

  • immobility of the upper eyelid muscles and, consequently, its partial or complete omission;
  • lack of resistance to superior oblique and inferior rectus muscle, so that can diagnose the exotropia;
  • immobility internal rectus muscle and, as a consequence, the emergence of the phenomenon of double vision (diplopia);
  • lack of reaction of the pupil to light;
  • violation of the innervation of the inner muscles and as a result, failure to adapt to the eye at different distance from the subjects;
  • no reduction of direct muscles of both eyes, which is why it is impossible to turn the eyeballs inwards;
  • protrusion of the eye due to loss of muscle tone exterior, it confirms that there was a defeat of the oculomotor nerve.

In most cases all of these symptoms are combined with associated symptoms, which cause dysfunction of nerve fibers friendly, close groups of muscles and organs.

Features diagnosis

If amazed all the fibers of the oculomotor nerve, the manifestation of this is so obvious that no doubt causes a definite diagnosis.The first is ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid), mydriasis, the deviation of the eyeball outwards and downwards.

However, very often there are various combinations of ptosis and dilated pupils, and any other disorders caused by muscle paresis.In such cases, it could be as a primary stage lesions of the oculomotor nerve fibers and other possible violations related bodies.Put a timely and accurate diagnosis in such cases is much more complicated.

reasons for the defeat, the role of timely diagnosis and treatment

main reasons for the defeat of the oculomotor nerve considered:

  • injury;
  • neuroinfec- disease;
  • brain tumors of various etiologies;
  • pnevrizma cerebral vessels;
  • diabetes;
  • stroke.

However, most often causes partial or complete destruction of the nuclei of the oculomotor nerve fibers, or are only speculation.Similarly, they can not be established.The human body - a very complex system, and is not fully studied, but it is absolutely certain that the malfunction of one of its components in the chain sends it to other organs, nerves and muscles.

example, neuropathy of the oculomotor nerve in isolation is very rare and most often concomitant manifestation of chronic or congenital diseases, as well as being the result of head injuries and tumors.With proper and timely treatment of the disease can pass without complications and consequences.

If it is suspected neuropathy of the oculomotor nerve, be sure to take the whole course tests, including blood for the body neuroinfection.Only after the results confirm the diagnosis and treatment can be prescribed and must perform repeated analyzes.

Diagnosis of the disease

If there is a suspicion of a violation of the functions of the oculomotor nerve, you confirm or deny this, and to identify the real cause of the deviation can only be through high-quality professional diagnosis.Most often this is done by an ophthalmologist, and only in some cases, if the diagnosis is in doubt, further advice is appointed a neurologist.

Diagnostics and examination of eye made with modern computer equipment, as well as through a variety of specialized tests.As a result of their complex after a patient can be diagnosed.

Also, in addition to standard procedures carried out to check the condition of the fundus, the definition of quality of vision, ocular motility, identification of reaction of pupils to light, MRI and angiography is performed.If the etiology is not fully revealed, and even if the defeat of the oculomotor nerve confirmed necessarily constant monitoring of the patient, as well as conducting repeated surveys.

constant monitoring of the affected organ - a prerequisite of treatment

This is very important because the timely identification of further progression of the disease, as well as constant monitoring of the setting of a prescribed treatment are of great importance for the state of the eye and the whole future of human life.For example, the oculomotor nerve neuritis in most cases is a positive trend in the case of compliance with all the requirements of the patient, however, treatment is carried out only under constant supervision of specialists.

Science does not stand still, and lately one of the innovative methods of diagnosing a superposition electromagnetic scanning of the eye muscles to assess their functional activity.With this method significantly reduces the time available to identify the causes of violation and an opportunity to begin treatment more quickly and achieve positive results.

most effective ways to treat

Once there is a suspicion of a possible violation of the functions of the oculomotor nerve, the patient immediately recommend to do exercises to strengthen the muscles responsible for the movement of bodies.Of course, try as much as possible to strengthen it quite well, not only when there were problems, but even for prevention, but this is only at the beginning of occurrence of the violation.If hit by quite a large part, these exercises will not help to recover, although an integral part of the treatment they still are.

next most common recommendation is to receive appropriate vitamins and medicines, the effect of which is also aimed at strengthening the eye muscles and restore its work.It may be special vitamins, eye drops, glasses, bandages, that make the patient eye to work more actively.

very popular today are special computer programs.This is mainly the so-called Stereo.

use of computer programs in the treatment of disorders of the eye muscles

proved that these pictures when previewing train the eye muscles, and thus improves blood circulation in them.At this time, the nerves that are responsible for normal operation of the eye, are in a state of heightened tension, and all the reserves of the body intended to control them, because most of the rest of the time watching are relaxed and do not require such attention.

Stereo really have a very positive vision, but they can be used only after consulting a doctor.Indeed, in some cases, they are simply a panacea, and in others - can cause irreparable harm.

Current treatments

If after several mutually complementary diagnostics confirmed that struck oculomotor nerve, treatment should be started without delay.One of the proven positive side and is used in ophthalmology practice for several years, is treated with elektrofarez lesions 1.5% neuromidin.

spends his three round by imposing different from each other in the area of ​​the electrodes, the two smaller of which is placed on the skin of the orbital region and upper eyelids with the eyes closed.Connect them with a forked wire electrode larger area, which is located at the nape of the head of the patient.

duration of the procedure in the course of treatment up to 15 sessions held every day - 15-20 minutes.The method allows locally and purposefully influence the defective neuromuscular synapses of the eyeball, and the nuclear structure of the oculomotor nerve.

When surgery is required to

In the majority of cases performed surgical surgery.It is aimed at eliminating the causes of the disease.In most cases, due to the possibilities of modern medicine operations are carried out under local anesthesia, and it turns out to do without hospitalization.

Any eye muscle dysfunction and varying degrees of defeat of the oculomotor nerve lead to quite serious consequences.If one eye begins to see the bad, the second most tries to compensate for this violation.In the event that starts to develop ptosis, located next to the muscles while performing lifting century alone.That is why from the very birth of the child is recommended to have regular examinations by an ophthalmologist, and in any event not to miss them.This is important because only the prevention and timely diagnosis ensures the most optimal outcome.