What is magic?

Since ancient times, there is a circle of people who are able to control the subtle energies and the command is not yet known to science forces.They are called magicians, sorcerers, magicians, wise men, divided into accessories to the poles of good and evil, but few deny their existence.Who are they and what is the magic of all?

Magic - it is also a science.No one is born with the ability to play the violin as well and to sorcery.You can have access to it, or even the ability of talent, but without special training and practice fail.Therefore, most sorcerers and witch pass on their skills by inheritance, because it is clear that secret knowledge is not taught in the institutions, and books on witchcraft are not on library shelves.

Talking about what is the magic, do not consider it a relic of the past, the error of the ignorant ancestors.Today, progress and reason in men drowned natural mechanisms that allow them to feel around them parallel worlds, alien entities and more.But the magic carpet, self-propelled oven, apple, showing images on a silver platter, come down to us in fairy tales, translated into a real helicopter, televisions and cars.So maybe this is not fiction, and the results of the most magic?Our ancestors did not know what the magic, it was a part of life, normal, with what is more or less owned one.

Since the beginning of the era of Christianity in Rus began indiscriminate and cruel destruction of the Gentiles.Of course, such knowledge began to hide, and they have turned out well-known secret.According to religious scholars, all the magic - ungodly and devilish activities.It gives people over the centuries and is firmly rooted in the minds of most.The image of the magician conjures up thoughts of the wicked old man, eats babies for breakfast.

Although there were also enterprising person, declaring that there is white magic, in ceremonies that uses prayers, icons, sign of the cross.In fact, talk about any color is wrong, do not shoot guns, shoot people.Some scientists invent vaccines and medicines, while others are designing a bomb and nuclear facilities.Any knowledge can be applied to the detriment or benefit of, depending on what hands it will fall.Therefore, black magic is not bad, and white - well, all of it has no color.

If you look into what is the magic, to understand its nature and its laws, it becomes clear that there is nothing terrible in it is actually not, it has the ability to communicate and interact with the subtle energies to subdue the forces of lower rank and learninnermost secrets of the universe.And then many complex issues suddenly find their simple answers, but strange things cease to be.

Magic is far from the most numerous, religions still exist today, and because it has a completely different nature.It is impossible to believe if any religion is based on faith, magic - the knowledge.If a person has been conceived as a prototype of the creator, then this knowledge - a tool to control the forces of existing, but not made by people.This is nothing like the practice of creation.