How many cats lives?

What do we know about cats?This little creature as himself remembers the history of the world, is always close to the man.For many centuries the cats had to endure a lot.Some of them loved, others hated and even feared.There were times when the animal was regarded as sacred, his adored, worshiped.Later, however, the cats began to destroy and expose executions, along with witches.Why are our furry friends honored with such attention?How they managed to "get away" from the water thousands of years?How many cats lives?Maybe they really more?

How many cats lives?Ancient Egypt

Not where cats were lauded as high as in ancient Egypt.Perhaps it was the golden time in the history of the cat.For the Egyptians cats were considered sacred animals, and all that was connected with them, idolized.In honor of these furry creatures were built magnificent temples, their bodies were mummified after death and funeral were held with great honors.The goddess Bastet - the patroness of fertility, love, joy and other benefits - depicted as a woman with a cat's head.

One legend tells that the Egyptian sun god Ra, going down to the ground, unable to take the cat's face.It was he who gave whiskered hunter nine lives because she faithfully served the pharaohs and protect them.

But the Egyptian legend does not end there.Some associate the cat with nine lives Ennead - a group of the first and most important of the Egyptian gods, which were nine.Apparently, one of the life of each and received small predator.

Cats during the Inquisition

This era became truly the most terrible page in the history of relations between cats and humans.In the eyes of the clergy is the animal best suited for the role of the devil's henchman, because it led nocturnal, eyes shining in the dark and walked alone.What really had to talk about black cats, which were considered the embodiment of Satan himself?

woman who kept the house an animal clearly recognized subject to a witch and burned at the stake, along with home favorite.

In the Middle Ages it was believed that the witch is able to take cat form.As such, it could seep in bad faith in the home of the righteous people.Died, the witch again took its true form.It was believed that during her life she can do witchcraft is 9 times.I do not hence took the beginning of our legend?

Cat and Russian traditions

Every person familiar with the expression "far away" and "the kingdom of Far Far Away."It is clear that these phrases do not have a specific connotation, and simply means "very far away".It is possible that "nine lives" in the cat and do not reflect the exact number, but the concept is "very much" or "no account".

In Slavic mythology, the cat - a favorite character of folk tales, proverbs and beliefs.It has always been the darling of the home, it was respected and revered, considered the protector of the house from evil.However, to know how many lives a cat on Russian stories will not work, since it is not mentioned anywhere.But in the dictionary Dahl about home darling, you can find the following information: "Cat ninth death exasperates it tenacious."

How many cats lives?Facts

course, have cute mustachioed Fluffy as a person, only one life.However, its extraordinary vitality is often tempting to think the opposite.

If you fall from a great height cats often get off with only a "slight shock".In general, this animal, thanks to his physique and unique sense of balance, as if it were created for the falls.During the flight from the height of a cat takes in advance the most suitable position.First it tries to slow the fall of his body built up a kind of parachute, and at the time of landing puts his foot so as to obtain the effect of depreciation.This bearded beauty necessarily stand on all four limbs, which will give her the opportunity to distribute the weight.It should be noted that a low weight and flexible joints allow the animal to significantly reduce the risk of fracture, which can occur when falling from a height.

Perhaps it is this, not found in other mammals ability and pushes people to the idea that a cat has 9 lives.In addition, the furry creature possesses many other mysterious talent.Among them stands out the most common.

Self using the rumbling. Scientists studying the sound emitted by a cat, came to the conclusion that his band has a positive effect on the human body and helps to restore damaged tissue.

high immunity and regeneration. Cats hardly prone to disease, and many medium-sized injury because they are able to "lick", so that they overgrow before our eyes.

caution and prudence. In most cases, the cat tries to avoid dangerous situations and those around her, preferring to retreat or to climb higher on a tree to wait.

What about other countries?

Interestingly, different nations have allocated for their cats a different number of lives.For example, in Russia and in the US it is believed that the animal of their (life) nine, while in Southern Europe and Germany - only seven.The Arab countries and all cut their number to six.So many cats lives really?This is the question people are asking for centuries.

No matter how much the lives of a cat, 7 or 9, the main thing - do not risk their favorite, to test these myths.After all, whatever it was, the life of our smaller brothers is very valuable, and it is completely independent of human actions.