How to cook the quails

Before cooking quail their carcasses processed.To do this they cut off legs, wing tips and neck (hereinafter they are used for soup, which is prepared from the sauce).The bird was wiped with alcohol and set on fire, after which the legs are placed in pre-cut the abdominal cavity, and the wings are folded behind his back, a bird is rubbed with salt and cook in any way (usually fried or stewed).How to cook quick and tasty quail?Consider the following.

1. Stuffed quail

Ingredients: twelve quails, four hundred grams of mutton, two hundred and fifty grams of onion, one egg, coriander, salt and spices to taste.

first plucked bird, singe gutting and washed with water, cut in the legs and placed brine from water, salt and pepper (for one liter of fluid a spoonful of salt and pepper) for one hour.Meanwhile, the meat mince, add to it chopped onion and cilantro, egg and spices, everything is mixed well and the mixture is stuffed bird, which is then put into the cauldron and stew for about forty minutes.Before serving, put in a dish and two quail salad.

2. How to cook the quail sauce

Ingredients: one hundred grams of bacon, two hundred grams of beef, one onion, one stack of wine, one glass of broth, twelve quails, herbs, salt and spices.

wide bottom pan smeared with butter, to put sliced ​​thin strips of bacon on top - sliced ​​veal in a similar manner, sprinkle with herbs, shred onion, add wine, broth and spread the bird.The pot cover with lid and stew dish for about an hour.The finished game is removed, laid out on plates, top watering strained sauce.The bird can be served with rice and cheese.

3. How to cook the quails in a pumpkin

Ingredients: pumpkin weighing three kilos, four quail, one cup of rice, two cups of fruit and two onions, three tablespoons of butter.

Pumpkin cleaned, cut off her hat, carefully remove the seeds and part of the flesh.Quails cut in two, salt and fry in fat for a few minutes on all sides.Figure boil until half, dropping it for ten minutes in salted boiling water, then discard in a colander.

Before you cook the quail, fried onions until golden brown.Fruits sliced ​​or diced.You can use this recipe apples, quince, dried fruit, raisins and dried apricots.Dried must first be soaked in water.

lay a pumpkin rice mixed with onions, then there is a layer of meat, then - fruit.From above it is closed cut turntables, which is secured by means of sharp splinters and grease.Bake the dish in the oven for three hours.

Cooked pumpkin is cut on each plate put a slice of vegetable, a quail and a little rice stuffing.

4. How to cook quail tobacco

Ingredients: ten quails, salt and garlic to taste, half a cup of sour cream.

quail carcasses are cut into the abdomen, legs tucked into pockets and the resulting slightly beat off.Then they pepper, salt and rub with garlic, brush with cream and fried.Serve bird with hot sauce and a green salad.

Thus, the preparation of quail is a simple task and does not require large expenditures of time and effort.The meat of this bird is quite nutritious and rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, it is easy to digest.In addition, the quail meat is a dietary product, therefore it is recommended for people who suffer from diseases of the endocrine system.

In many European countries use quail to prepare various dishes.Their grilled, stewed, stuffed with different fillings and prepare pilaf, soups and various meat dishes.Served with a variety of bird sauces and garnishes.