How to cook a useful milk chocolate

little history

Around the 16th century by Spanish chefs invented chocolate recipe that was kept in strict confidence.But as you know, all the secret sooner or later becomes apparent.In the 17th century the French still managed to find the technology of preparation of delicious goodies, and since then has started to prepare chocolate in London, Amsterdam, Paris and many other European countries.In 1700 in England, learned how to make milk chocolate, not less tasty and healthy.

However, the cost was too high, so is an expensive delicacy delicious dessert, which could afford only the rich people.To expand the scope of consumption, in the 19th century was established a common tariff on imports of cocoa beans in the amount of a fine.What makes chocolate became more available and popular.In 1847 an English company introduced to the market in the formulation of cooking chocolate tiles.Soon it appeared in chocolate icing biscuits, waffles and candy.

In the 21st century, chocolate milk is produced on a large scale.Without this dessert we can not imagine their lives.It is great uplifting and beneficial effects on cardiac system.Therefore, it is loved not only children but also adults.In cooking, it is usually used in a variety of baked goods, often he even enters the main dishes and sauces (eg, Mexican sauce "mole").

If you make a romantic fondue dish, it is best to use a bar of chocolate containing at least 50% cocoa, in the extreme case suitable milk chocolate.The main thing is not to overheat when igniting it, otherwise it will taste bitter and hardened.The simplest and easiest way to melt the delicacy - is to break it into small pieces and put in a microwave oven for 15-20 minutes.The second option - a water bath: pieces of chocolate combine in a refractory bowl, then set it over a pan of boiling water.

You ask how to make homemade chocolates yourself?Simply, with the delicacy it turns out very tender and flavorful.Natural product must contain 55% chocolate liquor and cocoa butter 25%.The rest of the ingredients: cream, powdered sugar, condensed milk, milk, nuts, dried fruit.Take 5-7 pieces of chocolate liquor, melt any of the following methods for sweetness, add a mixture of powdered sugar or condensed milk - chocolate home is ready.

might spill it on the forms and leave in the freezer until hardened, and you have a tasty and healthy product.If you wish to, you can add dried apricots, prunes, raisins and nuts.If you want to surprise your guests, cut fresh fruit and dip them in hot chocolate mass, and then give them a little bit cool.Get exquisite dessert at home, which will be enjoyed by any gourmand.

Prepare chocolate milk at home, too, will not be difficult.We need cocoa butter, cocoa mass, condensed milk.You can use milk instead of condensed milk.All components are whipped in a blender, the resulting cream is poured into molds.After hardening it turns out very tasty dessert.

Hot chocolate

can simply melt the chocolate and can be melted cocoa butter and cocoa mass (ratio: three pieces of cocoa - 0.5 cloves oil).This mixture should pour the boiled milk and add the powdered sugar to taste.

Preparation of white chocolate will not take you more than an hour.Mix dry milk (100 g), cocoa butter (100 g), powdered sugar and vanillin (100 g).This sweetness is prepared without cocoa powder and liquor, because we need to make creamy.White chocolate has a similar structure with the milk, and the lack of cocoa powder allows you to keep the original taste of caramel.

Many manufacturers, saving on ingredients added hydrogenated vegetable fats, which are present chocolate have nothing in common.In connection with this home chocolate has a number of advantages!