Great Luke: sights and history

To find thrills, not necessarily to go to distant lands.In Russia, a huge number of them.For example, in the lands of Pskov and Novgorod, there are many beautiful villages and towns.Their story is covered by the dust of centuries, and the interest is simply not considered.These pearls of the country is the city of Great Luke and attractions which speak for themselves.

ancient village is first mentioned in the Novgorod Chronicle.Already in 1166 on the River Lovat Luke were known cultural center.First Great Luke were then about three kilometers from the current city limits.In the twelfth century, he became a member of the Novgorod Republic and was of strategic importance.The local castle, built in 1211, was a kind of border crossing with Lithuania, for which the city got its second name - "Mantle Novgorod."After the fall of the Capital of Novgorod the Great Luke entered the Moscow principality

Great Luke and attractions which are so diverse, got its name from the nature of the terrain.River fishing on the shore of which the village stands, forms a sharp bend.The word "bow" means a long, great bend of the river arc.The second component of the place name "great" does not refer to the river and the city, its influence on the life of ancient society.

In different periods of the history of Great Luke, photos that fascinates and delights were the scene of hostilities.City remembers Ivan the Terrible, the rate of which was located here during the Livonian War, the Stefan Batory Foundation, captured the fortress in 1580, the False Dmitry I and False Dmitry II.Glorious city was destroyed, but the newly risen from the ashes like a phoenix fairy.Peter I during the Northern War, ordered to build here shestibastionnuyu earthen fort, which is made drawings Leonty Magnitsky.During the War of 1812 Great Luke was pretty rear base of the Russian army.Already in the nineteenth century, the city worked several plants - wax, soap, candle, leather.Through it passed post roads and railways.World War II double swept over the city.

Today in the town of Great Luke attractions can be visited different: it is a fortress, which has not changed much since the construction, the ancient settlement of the ninth-tenth centuries, the museum and the house of academician Vinogradova, Church of the Ascension (XVIII century), Homestead Musogorskogo.Among the abundance of monuments beaten colored fountains.In a calm river can take a boat ride to the island Dyatlinka.

beautiful and modern city with open arms welcomes visitors.The Great Luke explore the sights tourists come from all over the Russian Federation.There is more luxury hotels and budget options, recreational facilities, shopping malls.To see the city, which has played a significant role in the country's history, it is enough to take the train.A fascinating tour will start right from the train station, on the platform of the city of military glory.