How to pickle mushrooms?

In the West, many kinds of milk mushrooms are considered inedible or even poisonous.The Russian cuisine they are referred to the valuable products and harvested in the winter in the form of a salt.There are many varieties of mushrooms, they belong to the genus mlechnikov, family Russula.The most delicious of them - real, or raw milk mushroom.The nutritive value of it, like white fungus, is equivalent to the first category.Lactarius aspen - the second and Lactarius black - for the third.

Salting, as you know, is an old and proven method of preservation of many products.It applies to the mushrooms.This article contains recipes from which you can learn how to pickle mushrooms.They will help young and inexperienced housewife, but will also be useful for those who have their secrets and experience similar preparations for the winter.

milk mushrooms Salting Cold or hot differs preparatory stage.In the first case, the removal of bitterness milk mushrooms prolonged soaking is performed (two-three days).In the second case - boiling.When soaking is necessary to fulfill the following conditions: use cold, slightly salted water, change it twice a day to keep a container of mushrooms in a cool place, otherwise they may sour.

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Black, dry, wet or any other mushrooms can be in the pickle barrel.Cracked soaked by filling them with clean straw, which press down a heavy stone, and poured water.After swelling scalded with hot water and washed with a washcloth.Recommended prepared barrels zaparivat birch broom.Glass jars were washed and sterilized.Clean enamel ware scalded with boiling water.

Recipe 1

cold-like pickle mushrooms?This is a traditional recipe of Russian cuisine.It takes Products:

  • 10 kg of freshly milk mushrooms, cleaned and soaked in cold water (weight determined after cleaning but before soaking);
  • 300 g salt (or 3% by weight of milk mushrooms);
  • 5 stems of dill with umbrellas;
  • 20 g of horseradish roots are washed, cleaned, chopped;
  • 2 heads of garlic cleaned every zubochek cut crosswise, the plate thickness of 2 mm;
  • 10 laurel leaves;
  • 10 peppercorns scented.

After soaking mushrooms water completely drained.In some dishes and how to pickle mushrooms?Use wooden barrels, or enameled ware.The bottom is sprinkled with salt and spices.Shiitake spread in rows (with a thickness of approximately 8 cm) and pour salt and spices.As the load take scalded with boiling water wooden circle and stone or porcelain bowl filled with cold water glass jar.The top layer of boiled milk mushrooms covered cloth, and then set her load.Put in a cool place.Keep an eye on the fact that the mushrooms were completely immersed in the resulting pickle (if necessary, increase the load).When the mold on a napkin, its cargo and washed.After 30-45 days, salted mushrooms are edible.

Recipe 2

How real pickle mushrooms, yellow or Russula delica hot?Please be sure to sorted and graded all the mushrooms, remove damaged.Since they are very fragile, they do so very carefully.The legs are cut at a distance of about 3 cm from the cap.The above method is very convenient, as it is less troublesome and time consuming.It takes Products:

  • 1 kg milk mushrooms, clean, wash (soak is not necessary);
  • 2 bay leaf;
  • 15 g of crushed garlic;
  • 30g dill;
  • 10 leaves of black currants;
  • a 1 ½ tablespoons of table salt.

Shiitake boiled for 10 minutes in salted water, recline in a colander and rinsed with running water.Shifts in the stainless steel pan with a thick bottom.Pour mushrooms in cold water so that it covered mushrooms and was higher than their level of 2 cm. In a saucepan add the spices and cook for about 30 minutes in the brine.Shifts in banks and capped polyethylene.Salting hot black mushrooms can be made for this recipe, but the cooking them in brine shortened to 15 minutes.