Complex analysis.

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Analysis of economic activity - a system of methods developed by the scientific method by which it becomes possible to study business economics.With its use of production reserves are identified in accordance with the reporting and accounting information, as well as to develop the most effective ways to use them.

Technique business statistics allow us to solve the problem of uncertainty in the economic reasoning.Using them, the accountant is able to anticipate the coming winnings.This, in turn, prevents the reduction of capital and contingencies.

results, which provides a comprehensive analysis of economic activity, are used for such transactions as decoration commercial and consumer loans, futures and options contracts, hedging, diversification in different industrial fields, securities transactions and other.Accountant who is interested in the successful outcome, will not ignore the experience of past years, which allows to move from uncertainty to the likely estimate of the expected forthcoming event.Thus, the entrepreneur is able to generate various reserve funds, to make exchange operations, capital expenditure plan.

Comprehensive analysis allows us to estimate the current solvency of the organization and its activities for a long period.This, in turn, contributes to the fact that the owners, investors, and lenders can correctly estimate the existing potential.

as an information base used in carrying out the analysis, the company's statutory accounts and accounting information within the production.

evaluation is a set of indicators that reflect many or all aspects of the processes occurring in the enterprise.

Comprehensive analysis serves as a tool for planning and accounting, technical indicator of the state of the object, the performance indicator of business organizations and bodies in them.Factors indicating profits at the same time is considered to be income from sales before tax, as well as from ordinary activities.

Comprehensive analysis reflects data on profitability.They are the ratio of the income, and the average value of the asset.Comprehensive analysis involves the use of different numbers.In particular, when assessing the performance of non-current, working capital and net assets.

As one of the methods of analysis used the five-factor model of the type of profitability.Thanks to her, it is possible to have an impact on organizational performance: consumption of materials, oplatoemkost, the turnover of funds, the capital ratio and so on.Profitability is considered a relative indicator that determines the level of profitability of the enterprise and business in general, the effectiveness of its various areas (investment, commercial, industrial).