How to Draw an arrow

tradition to sum up his eyes there for centuries, and today arrow made eyeliner or pencil - at the peak of popularity.This is no surprise - a couple of simple movements can transform your image.Although the practice of removing
ideal line provides easier and easier, many women wonder how to draw arrows.It is not difficult, the main thing to know certain subtlety.

First of all, you need to decide what exactly you draw arrows.The most common use liquid liner, which is also called liner.Sometimes, however, and used a black pencil.Each method has its pros and cons that should be considered before you draw arrows.The liner provides lasting color, does not spread, allows you to make more graphical way.Pencil, by contrast, allows for shading the line, besides it is easier to adjust.Less pencil that without special brush will not achieve sharp "tail", moreover, it quickly spreads.Even if duplicate it in the tone of the shadows, then the stability of it can not be compared with a liner.

liquid eyeliner and helium, in turn, require high skills and training, stuffed his hands, asit is impossible to wipe off the line quickly and adjust.General advice: Before you draw arrows, practice on a piece of paper, paint with flowing lines and curlicues to determine that provides easier, and that - is more complicated.Such training will help you apply eyeliner.

But there are basic techniques, how to draw arrows.The first and most simple - to hold many short thin shtrishki, ensuring a smooth line.Edakii option of drawing strokes.Another option - to put down a point on the upper eyelid and blend them.The third option - to hold one line to the outer corner of the eye, and then form a "tail" of the arrow.It's over, this technique is not for everyone.Use it can only pros in applying eyeliner.

How to Draw arrows right?This question can be answered as follows.There are certain rules to be followed, and the rest - at your discretion.Rules following:

  • arrows should be smooth, that is, the line must have a clear edge;
  • there should be no gaps between the lashes and eyeliner;
  • line arrows should be the same.

not enough to know the rules applying eyeliner, you also need to know how to do eye makeup with regard to their form.Liner is able to adjust their incision and bring it closer to the ideal.

If the eyes are close together, the liner should be increased external corner, draw a line so that the "tail" raised himself up to his head.A very tight line should approach the eyelashes.Adjust

wide-set eyes, you can, if you draw a line of eyeliner a little closer to the nose.But in any case should not extend beyond the eye.

If you have round eyes, then make them visually almond possible by lengthening the outer corner.And by drawing a line on the lower eyelid.

For narrow eyes will approach a broad line eyeliner on the upper eyelid.But do not withdraw her eyes and borders, especially the lower eyelid to fail.