Microphone Preamplifier - guarantee perfect sound

Almost every house has a device like a microphone and headphones.The first is used to record music, talking to friends on the internet, singing karaoke, etc., while the latter need to listen to songs or conversation.Very often, even ordinary users are faced with such a problem as the low level signal.Because of this, the microphone does not work even in karaoke, and headphones are not allowed to hear the mids, and high and low are heard rather weak.

To help solve this problem will help microphone preamplifier.Even good quality dynamic microphones are characterized by low sensitivity, so they are not functional on modern computers, where sound cards perfectly perceive only electret device with high sensitivity.Without preamplifier can not do, because only he is able to enhance the low-level signal to the line.

Most audio interfaces and mixers already have built-in devices, enhancing the sound, but they do not provide a quality of sound that provides a preamplifier for the microphone.When you select this device you need to be careful, because every machine sounds differently.Not to buy an expensive device with the best performance, it should still be approached the microphone.

If a professional recording studio can afford to buy several such devices, and to experiment with sound, something for home use most often it is an unprecedented luxury.Therefore, buying a mic preamp, you need to pay attention to certain specifications.

devices are tube and transistor.It argued that give the tube sound and velvety warmth, but it can be said only of the most expensive models.It is necessary to choose the microphone preamplifier with a number of input channels.It depends on the purpose for which the device is to be used.Ultimately, you need to count the number of microphones you plan to connect to it simultaneously.

Most devices provide phantom power, but still worth it to ensure its availability, or condenser microphones will not operate.You should also note the presence of a low pass filter, which enables to cut off the unwanted low-frequency interference and to remove the effect bochkovatosti and nasal.There are a number of characteristics, but their choice - a matter of taste of each consumer.To get a good mic preamp, you need to start to listen to it.After a trial application of several models will be clear which device is better.Please note that check preamps better with the microphone, with whom he will work in the future, that is yours.

If the microphone is responsible for the quality of the audio recording, the headphones - for playback.Just listen to the qualitative model will work and analyze it.But the problem is that the more expensive models have a high resistance, which is why some frequencies can not be heard or listened very weak.Headphone preamplifier allows properly adjust their sound.Also, the device allows you to put the sound on some headphones at the same time, which is useful for listening to record two or three people.