How to increase the speed of your modem to the desired?

Despite the nuances of emerging with a speed Internet connection, users increasingly prefer modems.The fact that the activities of many people connected with the computer, so there is a need of their constant movement from place to place.And the free movement of such communication is very convenient in today's world and we have to be very helpful for laptops.Still, most experienced users have found several possibilities of how to increase the speed of your Internet connection.

For modems has a special USB-extension cable, it can be bought in a store with phones or specialty store.For example, that there have been frequent question about how to increase the speed of the modem megaphone, experienced providers are offered, along with a modem buy wire for acceleration.It is enough to place the device away from the computer, as well as the possibility to send it to the operator side of the tower, if you know its location.

Equally important are the correct network settings.You will need a program TCP Booster, as well as some changes in the settings of the operating system.After the computer restarts, it must independently find out how to increase the speed, and set the required parameters in automatic mode.

you in turn, need to release the QoS to start by finding the file gpedit.msc, and press there "Local Computer policy", hereinafter "Administrative templates", then "Network - QoS Packet", which include the "Limit reservable bandwidth", andit is reduced to 0 "Bandwidth limit".

Then find RunDll32, where Windows Messenger is removed.So, how to increase the speed of USB-modem using sorted out, you can now learn about mechanically.

If a user program can not cope, and it usually is not uncommon for beginners have the option of how to increase the speed of the device (for those who know the schemes).To do this, you must disassemble the modem, because there is a very sensitive mechanism, any damage can simply break the device, so a risky method is advised only to those who understand what they do.

itself 3G network is very good quality, you can not blame manufacturers in 3G-modem connection is slow, because, as a rule, it has still not in every city, and replaced it in the best cases, EDGE or GPRS.Therefore, how to increase the speed of your connection, of interest to many owners of these devices, especially those living in smaller towns.

is also necessary to try to make in the settings of the modem is only 3G-network, so that it automatically switches to another.Yet it is important to remember that each carrier is set to a certain speed, you need to consider when buying a right.

This browser like Opera, has a function of setting up the turbo mode, itself program compresses traffic, and mode contributes to a high-speed connection.

So we figured out with speed.If possible, more appropriate, of course, choose a wired network, which will not be limited traffic, but if the priority - easy to use, the choice is, of course, always remains with the user.