How to prepare your car for winter: tips to motorists

Every motorist should know how to prepare your car for winter.Why is this so important?The fact that the driving period becomes the most dangerous due to particular weather conditions.Yes, and the car behaves differently.All this must be taken into account, and start preparing in advance, because many fall short of the first snowfalls and frosts, and then in a hurry to forget about some of the events.This negligence, unfortunately, can lead to tragic consequences.

first thing that comes to mind when the issue of "how to prepare your car for winter" - is to replace the tire.After all, winter tires adapted to low temperatures, ice cover and other characteristics of this time of year.It has a better grip while "minus" in contrast to the year that becomes the oak in the cold.In suburban snowy roads best behave spike wheel, but to drive on city streets cleaned they did not fit.

can often hear from novice drivers, "But we put the car into the garage for the winter, and there is no need to mess around w

ith its preparations for the winter."But there are situations when the car is required year-round.Then do not avoid the need to carry out some work on the protection of the body, namely, cover it with a special corrosion-resistant structure.Condo layer is not enough, and it should be updated every few years.You should not feel sorry for money for this procedure, because the repairs that may be needed after driving on winter roads domestic, will cost much more.All the small chips of paint is best to clean and coat with primer and then the new paint.All manipulations with the body best spent before the cold weather.

For those who do not know how to prepare the car for the winter, it is useful to refer to the car wash.There's a master check first brake system.Its failure in the winter especially dangerous, as fraught with skid.Careful attention should be paid and the hose, which may crack in freezing temperatures.Their replacement does not require much money and time.

If you can not, and desire to put the car in the winter, you should take care of "the heart of the car."We should immediately replace the engine oil, designed for winter pore.Do not rely on a mixture of season - they are good only for European countries.At low temperatures, the oil is too viscous and will not allow the car to start with a twist.The oil filter is best replaced as belts.New spark plugs and do not interfere.

Here are some tips to experienced drivers, how to prepare the car for the winter.It is necessary to replace the water in the barrel washer on the so-called "nezamerzayku."It must be done before the first frost, because then there will be problems with the unfreezing of washing of glasses.Doors and hinges should be lubricated with grease specifically designed, yet there is no frost.It is worth to buy a brush and scraper to clean the car from the snow and ice.Together with them, better to put warm working gloves, make it warm and comfortable to clear the car.