Paper sizes according to ISO

Today we tell about the paper sizes.Their story begins with the end of the XVIII-th century.In 1798 the German writer and scientist Dr. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, in his letter to Johann Beckmann explains the practical and aesthetic aspect ratio equal to the square root of 2.

A few years later the French government introduces a law on the taxation of paper merchants, indicating the size of it, has exactlycorresponding to modern formats ISO."Grand register" - is ISO A2, "Grand papier" - ISO B3 and so on.French formats never became popular and were forgotten about for a hundred years.

In 1922 in Germany, with a view of economy and efficiency are introduced standard DIN 406. This concept was so convincing that many European and Asian countries are taking German as a national standard.But since 1975 all the official documents of the United Nations was introduced it sheet sizes.

exception is North America, it is US and Canada, as well as Japan.

according to ISO paper originally divided into three main classes.The basis taken a leaf area per square meter.That size corresponds to A0 format.Assumed width and length in millimeters.As a general rule all other paper sizes are determined by dividing the longest two sides, ie, if A0 (841x1189) cut in half, we get 594h841.This will A1 format, etc.

For background information will carry all class sizes in the table.

Paper Sizes class
Paper A0 841h1189
Paper A1 594h841
Paper A2 420h594
Paper A3 297h420
FormatA4 paper 210x297
Paper A5 148h210
Paper A6 105h148
Paper A7 74h105
Paper A8 52h74
FormatPaper A9 37h52
Paper A10 26h37

class in Russia is the most popular.And it is considered the most popular A4 format.It is used daily in millions of offices.

But mass production in Europe can not rely on any particular format.The reason is that more and more used printing equipment that can work universally satisfying consumer demand.That is why there are Class B paper sizes are defined as the geometric mean it between neighboring class B1 A. That is the geometric mean between A1 and A0.And the format is similar to the C-Class - is the geometric mean between the formats A and B of the same number.That is a letter written on a sheet of A4, perfectly located in the envelope size C4 and A5 sheet without problems lies in an envelope C5.

dimensions paper sizes of class B and C
B0 1000x1414 C0 917 * 1297
B1 707x1000 C1 648 * 917
B2 500x707 C2 458 * 648
B3 353x500 C3 324 * 458
B4 250x353 C4 229 * 324
B5 176x250 C5 162 * 229
B6 125x176 C6 114 * 162
B7 88x125 C7 81 * 114
B8 62x88 C8 57 * 81
B9 44x62 C9 40 * 57
B10 31x44 C10 28 * 40

All of these formats are edging that is itsheet sizes of finished publications.

On the pages of search engines is often confusion with the format and quality.Classes A, B, and C in any case should not be confused with the categories of paper A, A +, B, B +, C, C + - and vice versa.In the first case - the size in the second - grade and properties.The above categories define the quality of the paper on certain parameters, such as density, whiteness, humidity curl, conductivity, smoothness, roughness, thickness, stiffness.Accordingly, the categories determined by the quality, that is paper-luxury category - A price-performance ratio - In the category of paper, paper economy class - S.