The statement of claim for alimony.

In monetary terms, parental love and care can not be estimated.However, the cost of duties after his parents' divorce is possible not only to calculate, but it is appropriate to adopt the appropriate document.

Such questions often have to settle in court, although you can do without such "extreme" options.Where do you start when parents could not agree?In this case, better to seek lawyers with sufficient experience in such matters.He will tell you how to write an application for child support and consult on the matter.

Procedure for payment

statement of claim for child support shall be entitled to prepare and submit a parent raising a child of their own.They are paid up to 18 years, and in some cases up to 21 years.

to recover is not affected, whether the parents are married, divorced, or never were in it.The statement of claim for child support grants the right to receive a monthly sum of money to the parent, a dependent who is not the child has reached the age of majority.Thus alimony considered his property and used strictly for its intended purpose - for the child.

amount of maintenance

The amount of payment is set as a fixed currency or as a percentage depending on the income of the parent.The statement of claim for child support in this case satisfies the request of the claimant for a monthly amount equal to 1/4 of the income of a child, 1/3 of income - for two children, and half of income - for three or more children.

In addition, when determining the amount of alimony is taken into account not only the health of the child and his financial situation, but also other obligations of the payer - the existence of payments to other children and disabled family members who are dependent on the payer.

Recovery of maintenance

If you do not need to establish or contest paternity, and the court did not involve other stakeholders, recovery is performed in accordance with the order of writ of production.In other cases - according to the civil proceedings.

little known that apply to court for child support is optional.When mutual agreement is a contract, which clearly prescribes the size and date of payment.Such an agreement requires the assurances of the notary's office.

Alimony after 18 years

By law, you can file a claim for child support when the child reaches 18 years of age in the case of dependent children are disabled and in need of assistance.To those include only one group of disabled people whose income is less than the subsistence minimum.

alimony can be forgotten in all other cases.It would not be an argument in court, even child enters college for a fee.

the child reaches the age of majority have the opportunity to get a debt for alimony payments and penalties.Under the Family codec of the Russian Federation need to appeal to the court with the appropriate application for the recovery of fines on alimony, which is 0.5 percent of the delayed payment per day.