A draw-ka man in the rain (psychological test)

Relax, take away all the extraneous thoughts.Take a blank sheet of paper, put it in front of him.Imagine a man in the rain, and draw it.Draw what you prefer at the moment: paint, pencils, crayons, pastels and so on. N.

When the image is ready, it is important to accept it in its entirety.It is necessary to "enter" into the picture, to feel it.

most important rule interpretation of the figure - a single right or wrong interpretation can not be.Listen to yourself, to your feelings.Ask yourself: "What do I feel when I look at his picture?That means to me every detail? ".

Rain in this figure represents a kind of interference, the difficulties faced by people in life is inevitable.

scrutinize every detail of the picture.What does the man in the picture - he is holding an umbrella, sitting under a canopy, walking in the rain?We'll give you a hint what drawing can tell you about myself.

* Try to feel what mood stays character (joyful, joyous, dejected, and so on. D.), Feels he helpless or, on the contrary, feels the inner resources to deal with difficulties, and may safely and adequately perceivedifficulties, considering them ordinary phenomena of life.

* Shaggy and many clouds are a symbol of waiting trouble.Puddles, mud symbolically reflect the impact of the alarming situation, the experiences that remain after the "rain."Note how the pools are located with respect to the human figure (whether they are in front of or behind the figure, surrounded on all sides by a person or he is in a puddle).

* If a person shows outgoing, then it may be due to a trend towards avoiding difficult situations, avoiding trouble;if the figure of a man is shifted to the top of the sheet, it can talk about the escape from reality, to the loss of support under the feet, as well as the propensity to dream and to solve problems in an imaginary world, instead of the real.

* Position shapes in the profile or on the back indicate the desire to turn away from the world, to defend itself.

* Lightning can symbolize the beginning of a new cycle in the development and dramatic changes in a person's life.Rainbow, often occurs after a storm, heralds the appearance of the sun symbolizes the dream of the impossible quest for perfection.

* The function of clothes - "the formation of protection from the elements."The abundance of clothes usually indicates the need for additional protection.Lack of clothing associated with ignoring certain behaviors, impulsivity response.

* Umbrella is a symbolic image of psychic protection against unpleasant external influences.Umbrella can protect or not to protect from the weather, to limit the field of vision of the character, and may be absent.

* All additional items (houses, trees, benches, cars), or items that a person holding (handbag, flowers, books), are seen as a reflection of the need for additional external support, the support, in an effort to get away from the problem-solving wayswitching and replacement activities.

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