How does a computer mouse

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One of the essential components of any modern computer system - a computer mouse.This "rodent" has long been a part of not just desktops, but also laptops, albeit in a slightly modified form.

How does a computer mouse, everyone knows.In some ways, it really looks like the well-known pests, but with some reservations.It is believed that future generations of users the association is not obvious.At least because modern computer mouse increasingly wirelessly, having lost the "tail".

principle of operation of this wonder device is extremely simple: when it is moved over the surface of the relative coordinates are sent to a computer, where special software converted into movement of the cursor pointer on the screen.Interestingly, they can be not only the usual arrow of the operating system, but also a character in a computer game.Behind the apparent simplicity hides a work of engineers, electronics engineers and programmers.Depending on the structural features of the computer mouse may have different register move.Let us remember what is the difference between these seemingly identical devices.

first model appeared 50 years ago, there were mechanical.Inside the device is a massive metal ball covered with a layer of rubber.He bottom side in contact with the outer surface, and the other two - with the rollers.They could have been four, but only two were treated.When moving a hand holding a mouse, rotating the ball passed the rollers, they are - the switch, and then was transformed into a sequence of electrical signals that are sent to your computer.Two rollers is sufficient for obtaining the coordinates of a point on the plane.The disadvantages of this solution include the need for periodic cleaning of the ball from adhering dirt (wind the hair sticky dust) and replace worn components.

Soon they were replaced optomechanical solutions.Outwardly, everything remains unchanged, but the switches have been abolished, replaced by a more robust solution - optocouplers.During the "terrible" name hiding quite harmless LED and optical sensor, collectively called opto couple.Each clip was combined with a perforated wheel placed between the sensor and a diode.When you rotate the interrupted flow of light that was recorded by the sensor and transmitted to the computer.Knowing the frequency of change "window / wall", you can determine the speed and direction of movement.

In 1999, there were original computer mouse, called the optical, where the mechanical method of recording movement managed to completely give up.LED illuminates the surface beneath the mouse, and a primitive camera that takes pictures of a certain frequency.The processor unit handles them on the basis of the results concludes that the velocity and direction of displacement.We can only transfer the data driver program.

Soon they were replaced by laser modification.The processor has become more productive, focusing accuracy has increased, "problematic" surfaces on which the sensor is not working, is almost gone.The main difference from the other optical type LED which emits not visible, and infrared.By the way, the most expensive computer mouse - that laser.However, its high cost (more than 24 thousand dollars) is due primarily inlaid gemstone rather than technical features.