Multimodal transport

Multimodal transportation is a transportation of goods by using only a single transport document, with the participation of at least two types of transport as carriers.The consignor in this case is released from the cargo needs to transfer from the first to the second vehicle, thus concluding a separate contract each carrier.Abroad, this kind of transport is also called multimodal.This form was proposed only in the seventies, and before that all companies engaged exclusively in single-species transport.Now services in this area are aimed at the needs of cargo.

The multimodal cargo transportation is a major figure in the implementation of transport, ie the person who concludes a multimodal transport contract, either in its own right as a party to the treaty, or represents the interests of the shipper, however, in any case, he takes the responsibility for execution of the contract.Operators can be of two types: the former have your own transportation, and the second is not.Usually in this act as forwarders, however, may be carriers, especially when you consider how closely intertwined freight forwarding services in the activities of freight forwarders and carriers.

Multimodal transportation are more complex in comparison with transportation, crushed by mode of transport.However, they are much easier for the customer, because the sender and consignee work with one operator offering a range of services.Customers do not need to negotiate with the operators of each mode of transport, as well as carriers that operate throughout the chain.

Multimodal transport regulated in the legal aspects of transport charters and codes.Transportation is carried out on the total of all types of transport scheme.Shipper enters into a contract with the first carrier in the whole operation, and then receives a copy of a special consignment note.The second copy will accompany the goods all the way to the investigation.

International multimodal transport is a transport using at least two types of transport, for example, it may be a marine and automotive.This method of cargo transportation with a high degree of efficiency is applicable to the delivery of goods almost anywhere in the world.In this type of transport process should involve a variety of types of equipment as rail and marine cranes, individual logistic scheme, which will be developed for each individual route.

The main advantages of this type of transport is:

- short terms of delivery, so there is no need for the preparation of transport, taking into consideration the branching road infrastructure, allowing us to obtain the best result;

- versatility - can deliver almost any type of goods, including also a dangerous and oversized;

- efficiency - it is assumed that there is a wide range of modes of transport that allows the formation of a consignment of any size, of which transportation will be carried out as necessary.

multimodal transportation - transport is the type in which the participation of experts is expected to chart the transportation.The guarantee of high quality and effective work is well-written documentation, legal support, as well as faithful grade cargo.

Inherently multimodal transport services are quite complex, which is currently provided by many companies, employing qualified personnel.The sender no longer need to worry about the competence of experts.