How to cook eggplant "mushrooms" - the most delicious recipes.

Summer time - this time, amazingly tasty and healthy vegetable dishes that allow us to stock up on vitamins for the whole year and do everyday table variety.At the end of the summer on the shelves, there is one of the most useful vegetables - eggplant.He is known for its healing properties and its low calorie and high fiber content in it make it indispensable in the menu of diabetics and people watching their weight.

But not everyone knows how to cook eggplant, so that they retained the maximum of useful properties, but it turned out delicious.Today we will learn everything you need to surprise your loved ones a delicious snack, known as eggplant "mushrooms."Immediately it is worth to mention that under this name are hidden two different recipes - one eggplant cooked in another fry.We'll look at both options.

How to cook eggplant under mushrooms - an easy way.

This is a very fast way, the eggplant will turn out delicious, even the novice mistress, because the recipe is very simple.We put on the fire a pot with two liters of purified water, it added 3 tablespoons vinegar 70% (or 6-8 tablespoons of normal vinegar), 2 tablespoons of salt (can be a little more - depends on individual tastes of your family).

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While boiling marinade, half a kilogram eggplants cleanse, cut into quarter-rings or cubes.Thus it is necessary that the pieces do not get too thick - 1,5-2 cm is just right.Once the marinade is boiled, we omit to our pieces.Cook eggplant in marinade for 5 minutes, then poured a lot into a colander and leave to drip all the liquid.

Large bunch of dill and finely cut clove of garlic, mix it with ostyvshimi eggplant and stir thoroughly as a dietary food can be left "mushrooms" without refueling, well, for those who prefer a more generous version, you can fill with sunflower oil.

Now that one secret of how to prepare a tasty eggplant is disclosed, you can move on to more difficult option, requires patience.

Mushroom appetizer of eggplant.

We need 8 medium ripe eggplant, 8 eggs, 3 large onions, 4 mushroom bouillon cubes, one or two heads of garlic (to taste), mayonnaise for refueling and oil for frying.

Eggplant my, clean and cut into small cubes, about 1 * 1 cm. After that, pour chopped vegetables in a separate bowl with whipped raw eggs and leave for half an hour.Then pour a lot on a hot frying pan with high sides and a thick bottom (wash from the eggs do not need) and fry until cooked.During cooking eggplant volume almost halved, so do not be afraid number.

Home subtleties of how to cook the eggplant in egg - it's as often as possible to stir them without giving weight stick together and turn into a monolith.While the vegetables are fried, very finely cut onions.Ready eggplant remove from the heat and send in a sieve or colander to remove excess fat.At this time, crispy fried onions and also merge with him all the oil.When both ingredients cool down, add some salt and mix them with the help of mushroom cubes (more salt is not needed!).Then, using a press grind the required amount of garlic (here it all depends on how severe should be an appetizer).Gently mix and dressed with mayonnaise all.Sent to an hour or two in the refrigerator to infuse, and all - can bring to the table.This snack can be eaten separately, and make sandwiches with it.

Now that you know how to cook eggplant under the mushrooms, you can all summer to please the family tasty, healthy and nutritious vegetable dishes without too much hassle.