Activities in the contact that you wrote?

«In Touch" - a philosophical thingy.Contact is often criticized, saying that he eats time, kills the real life, draws people to the Internet and does not let out, hinders the work.

All this is true.But contact is one weighty advantage, plus which outweighs all of these disadvantages.It makes you think.Anyway, those who are so capable.

Immediately after the registration of a person ignites a severe test - fill in information about yourself.With graphs like "Company" and "School", everything is clear.Write the address, write the number, write the name.Thinking is not necessary.It is necessary to copy and paste from memory.

With "places" is also in order.The only thing that is required - a good memory.Or Google.With the "favorite TV shows" a little harder.We have to ask ourselves: What do I love?What's not to love?But then come to the aid of the recent memories: how chuckled over some gum-Club, or immediately switched the news.
All these issues - animal.Where is your lair, animal?Where prefer to go h

unting?What do you like to eat hungrily eyes?Which do you pack?
But Earl activities in contact breaks this pattern.Count activities in contact what to write?This philosophy is concentrated."What do you do now?" - Asked a man-beast."I write to you" - the person responsible.
«How wonderful that you write, and I'm reading!- Responsible contact.- All would be so cool to communicate as we do!But ... more?How long have you noticed me on the site?I noticed just now or long ago?What is your calling in life, except for correspondence VKontakte and man? .. »

And man, if he is a person, not an animal begins to think.What is he doing in this life.What for.When.For what he did live.It seems to be a very simple question: "What are you doing?" Or "activities in contact what to write?"
And the answer is difficult.Harder only question - "Who are you?»
That such a thing.It would seem that household - information activities in contact.
However, before any "contacts" people have learned to move away from these deep philosophical reflection elegant image:
«- Who are you?- I am human.- And what are you doing?- I treat people.The doctor I am.Do not distract".
question "Who are you?" Is replaced by the profession.
In the column "activity" Many prefer to write as well.For example, "driver."But
contact wants to know about your user anymore.And we have to invent something.And easier than to invent himself only ... what?Correctly.To steal from a friend.
Here are some examples of what you can write to people in their status (and this activity to write a contact that will become popular all over the world):
- Masterfully look after you and your home, it will clean every corner, and there will be a speck of dust ...(very common focus of "activity" - ah, what I'm bad! And often - oh, what I'm bad).
- The representative of the younger generation sprite.I believe only in the light of its bubbles.(But it's better to write in the "religious views", another catchy item kontaktovskoy profiles. Many are thinking about their attitude toward religion is only at this point).
- I - Worm science that progryzet it through granite and always will be in excellent shape.Do not believe me?And you try and answer your question.
- I love life ... Life is not like me ... I like to drink and smoke, but the money it is a pity ... This is not a pity, and lodged a cigarette and a beer!(A typical example of the sincere attempts of introspection).
- I carry insanity, but not take responsibility for it.(A typical representative of the pun. Stolen ten times better than all the rest).
- My House - a contact.(Honestly. Live illustration of the beginning of the article. What are you doing? - I'm sitting).
And so on.

People!Think for yourself!Be just a little originality!
activities in contact what to write?Just look at yourself and find the most interesting facts from the period of life.They just can write in the column activities.This field is necessary for an understanding of man, who he is or what he is.So, we learn of his attitude to life.Activities in contact - this is your way to self-expression.