Why is the film "Un Chien Andalou" cause the viewer an aesthetic shock?

clearest example of surrealist cinema - the film "Un Chien Andalou" - just "Crazy" during playback.It seems that it is a challenge not only the personal perception, but also the whole logic of strictly defining our human consciousness.Maybe an ordinary spectator, the same as the author of this publication, due to the limited perception or common intellectual clichés, which are formed in the society, culture, unable to assess the full author's message, design.But what is worth watching this picture, it is unique.Personally, my mind is related disabilities within existing small life experience, while watching the constantly repeated, rather yelled: "What kind of nonsense !?".A subconscious, eagerly listening to the hidden meaning, whispered: "Delicious!".While watching the films "Un Chien Andalou" to break away from what is happening on the screen is not possible.Even the famous initial episode - cutting the eye, during which a woman's face is reincarnated in a dog's face, not scary, does not cause disgust and desire to immediately stop viewing.Watching a movie on, I could not catch even a weak logical chain linking together what is happening.And then, remembering the character images snovidenchesky films, I got "Dream book."

film without a story line

In this short film, the storyline in the usual sense is not, although in fact something remotely resembling scenario had Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali."Un Chien Andalou" - pure surrealism, in which each viewer can find or think out something different.After watching the interpretation of some emblematic images of "dream book" for me, this picture - of human sins: lust, revenge, arrogance, indifference.And of madness!I can not say that the film "Un Chien Andalou" - is madness, but it is precisely on the frenzy.Outrageous creators - corresponding picture - a shock to a wide audience.In the film, the unconscious consciously turned into a main field of artistic research.Retell it makes no sense, and it does not turn.The only thing that I can say that if the first part of the movies you can still have something to do, then the second part can only watch, link together what is happening on the screen is simply unrealistic.Here Buñuel and remember that is equally contemptuous attitude to those who resented his work, and also to those who admired it madly.

revolutionary renewal of consciousness

In any case, each image appearing in the film, causes a spike in the subconscious, and instead of the usual logic of their interconnects intermeshing, where at any subsequent time, each displayed item can be replaced by his counterpart.This Statement chain substitution: ants - blood, death - erotic.As a result, "Un Chien Andalou", a unique experiment of young Spaniards is still considered not only the most radical experience, but also one of the most utopian, sharply focused on the renewal of consciousness, including a cinema, a film.And let it remain unknown to most viewers, the way it should be: the surrealism, not otherwise.