Height Arnold Schwarzenegger is the height of the Statue of Liberty!

he "kicked in the door to the cinema" in 1977 thanks to the film "Pumping Iron," in which he played himself.At the same time the whole world has become known anthropometry 28-year-old athlete: Arnold Schwarzenegger - height 188 cm, the competitive weight - 107 kg, volume of the chest - 145 cm, the volume of the biceps - 57 cm. It was a cult film, which first sounded the neologism"pumping iron".The youth of America, and not just watching it, "sick" bodybuilding.Due to set up five times, "Mr. Olympia" movie character, we see a man, "burn down" in training.Through the efforts of the actor's body-building and the corresponding way of life evolved from a subculture in propogandu sports lifestyle.Height Arnold Schwarzenegger, his other indicators fans knew by heart.This was not his first film works, but the movie, which brought the first, and the most stunning success.He fell in love with the country, he became an idol for young people.Bribes depth understanding of the actor that represents power.He believes that it does not generate the laurels of victory, and a solid strong opposition of human difficulties.After that, the film "Iron Arnie" became famous.However, in the frame, he seemed still below the stated centimeters, and some of the audience asked: "What is the growth of Arnold Schwarzenegger?ยป

Former governor of California, a father of four children, the man who conquered America, and said that his idol is Yuri Vlasov, starred in more than 50 films in the genres of thriller, thriller, comedy.Somehow it reminded of 2010, when the man spoke warmly of President Medvedev's visit to Silicon Valley, promising his support for the creation of its counterpart in Russia.Later, people considering a picture to the growth of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he seemed to be - a little more than 170 cm. Although it could be the fruit of the skill of the photographer.At the Iron Arnie - their life principles.In particular, he said, despite the dominant official "American" point of view, firmly opposed to gay marriage.Despite falling popularity, his love California.But to return to work.The second milestone of outstanding cinematic actor became a "Conan the Barbarian" (1982) and the sequel - "Conan the Destroyer" (1984).A fantasy hero became the idol of all children, but liked the movie and other generations, academic award "Saturn" testified recognition for American actor cinematic community.

next creative achievement made Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984, already known worldwide.The director of "Terminator" - James Cameron managed to create a unique and moving story of confrontation Sergeant Kyle Reese machines, computer-controlled military "Skynet", released out of control and want to enslave humanity.With the hero actor is facing a cyborg assassin sent out in 2029 with a mission to kill Sarah Connor, the mother of the future liberator of the people - John Connor.In this film, the growth of Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to still lower than the stated centimeters: 178 - 180. The quantity and quality of special effects "Terminator" has turned innovative.Arnold himself, remembering about the shooting of the film, talks about overcoming natural for every human reflexes to the flames, explosions, shots, he "just" did not have to respond to the "little things."

In 1991, a sequel was filmed about cyborgs "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."The world's first budget of the film turned out to be more than 100 million US dollars.The highest level for its time special effects and convincing acting is earned as much as 4 Oscars.The story is well known: the computer "Skynet" sends upgraded cyborg (T-1000), to destroy the 10-year-old John Connor.Behind him in the past sent cyborg protector - "T-800" (Arnold Schwarzenegger).The stunning success of the identified high fees of the actor, as well as the demand for it in cash following well-known films, "Predator," "Commando".

With the end of the political career of "Iron Arnie" fans expect from his new cinematographic works.Continue till now interested in what is the growth of Arnold Schwarzenegger, should be advised to "switch" that interest in the actor's creative plans.Recall ironic phrase actor of the most wanted to "send him to guberatory" lost faith in themselves critics.But seriously, that little hard to believe that a person born in the Austrian village of Thal, after everything done will - and stop.Although having played a role, Arnold has always been able to firm's "make a step back", to add some details "on my own", and sneer on the role of a wink to the viewer.