How to cook with garlic croutons

among us, I think a lot of fans to drink a glass or two of good beer.It is very refreshing and gives the body strength.And who is this kind of snack tasty drink pennomu prefer?Of course, the current shop counters full of a wide variety of snacks.Among them, a lot of seafood hot and cold smoked, salted snacks and the like.But is it something that can be compared with a wonderful spicy flavor of rye crackers?Yes, and with hot spices in a fragrant garlic.

Such a treat in abundance offered by many manufacturers.But you are confident that you will be eating natural foods, rather than a set of carcinogens, colors and flavors?No one is immune from these nasty chemicals.In order not to fill his already intoxicated organism artificial dyes and other chemicals, learn how to cook with garlic croutons own.This is the best way to surprise your loved ones a delicious treat without risking their health.This is especially important when it comes to children, who love crispbread.

Plus count savings.Think of how many crackers you get all from a single loaf of bread.The benefits are obvious.A recipe, we'll show you now.

How to cook with garlic croutons

Yes, there is nothing easier.A minimum of ingredients and simple preparation technology is likely to appeal to any owner.Even the head of the family will not deny myself the pleasure to be treated with such a dish in its legal holiday.Homemade croutons with garlic like everything.

For their preparation you will need:

  • third of a teaspoon of salt;

  • half a loaf of black bread;

  • one and a half tablespoons of sunflower or any other vegetable oil (if you want to give ready-made meals exceptional flavor and favor, use olive oil);

  • 3 cloves fresh garlic (do not worry, it's a bit too spicy flavor will not be).

will be ready in the oven, preheated to 190 degrees.The bread slices should be cut, the thickness of which does not exceed one centimeter.Crackers with garlic should not be too thin or narrow.Otherwise, when dried, they will simply become too stale, it will spoil the impression of the dishes.Each slice of bread cut into 4 pieces.

garlic cloves ground into a fine grater.We shift it into a small deep bowl, which will be convenient to combine products.Add salt and butter, then mix thoroughly to mass in the end we got as much as possible homogeneous.The resulting mixture should be poured directly on the baking sheet.It carefully boned slices of bread, so they like to be treated and then do not burn.

Put the pan in the preheated oven for about 15 minutes.This average cooking time, it may be different depending on the freshness of the bread.Always check the readiness of future goodies.Crackers with garlic should be roasted and crispy but not overdone.Once it passes the allotted time, accurately and quickly flip the pieces to the other side and put back in the oven for a couple of minutes.All is ready!Feel free to get a dish and enjoy its unique taste.And what flavor ... Do not stand anybody.

Crackers with garlic can be eaten both hot and chilled.For fans of sharp little, there a special supplement.It is ideal snack special sauce.Preparing it quickly and with minimal cost products.Simply mix to taste in any proportions mayonnaise, chopped garlic, red and black pepper, and low-fat cream.The last ingredient will make the sauce more liquid and easy to use, as well as to alleviate.