How to cook risotto in multivarka

recently appeared on the shelves, but it has already gained a strong position as a miracle of technology multivarka.Pilaf, pastries, soups - not a complete list of foods that you can cook in it.The owners of this new attempt to make maximum use of its capabilities.That's why they are so often asked: "How to cook risotto in multivarka?".

To prepare you need: 300 gr.chicken, onion, glass of rice, carrots two glasses of water.Chicken fillet cut into cubes, salt, pepper and spread on the bottom of the bowl in multivarka.Top the meat fall asleep washed rice and lightly add some salt.Finely cut onions, shredded carrots on a grater, and then spread the vegetables on top of rice, poured a special seasoning, topped up with a couple of glasses of water.Bowl put in multivarku include mode "pilaf" and when technology will signal the end of cooking, remove it, and laid out on plates.

Sweet fruit pilaf in multivarka

To prepare it you need to take: a cup of long grain rice, 100 grams.raisins and dried apricots, 2 large fresh apples, 2.5 cups of water, a little butter, salt and spices to taste.Apples are cleaned and cut into small cubes, dried apricots and raisins, washed and soaked 10 minutes Apricots can be cut into 2-3 pieces.Butter smeared floor and wall tank, put the prepared dried fruit and apples.On top of falling asleep washed rice, add salt and spices and pour water.When all the ingredients are in multivarka, it is closed and the appropriate mode.If not, you can cook risotto in multivarka on the program "Quenching".The duration of cooking - minutes 40.

Pilaf in multivarka beef

To prepare this tasty dish you need to take: 400 g.steamed rice, three cloves of garlic, two medium-sized carrots and two large onions, spices set for pilaf, and half a cup of vegetable oil.If multivarka small size 3-3.5 liters, products can take twice as less.The meat is washed and cut into slices.Figure washed and soaked for fifteen minutes.Onions and carrots cleaned and cut into cubes, mixed with pieces of meat and shift in multivarku.Add the vegetable oil, stir, cover and include mode "Baking" by 20 minutes instead of the usual Multivarki can use a frying pan.Roasted vegetables and meat is filled with spices and rice, salt, put on top of it washed garlic cloves, cover and include the appropriate multivarku rezhimGotovoe dish before serving stir.

Pilaf in multivarka pork

To prepare this tasty dish you need to take: grams 600 pork tenderloin, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 cups of rice (cups taken from Multivarki), a couple of onions, 2 large carrots, spices for pilaf, a teaspoon of berriesbarberry (if they are not included in the set of spices) and 2 tbsp.tablespoons of tomato paste.The meat is cut into cubes of 2-3 cm. Purified onion cut into half rings, and washed and cleaned carrot - thin strips.Vegetables stacked in multivarku, add a tablespoon of butter and set the mode "Baking."Thirty minutes later the vegetables are removed.At the bottom of Multivarki put meat fried in the same mode, twenty minutes, cover vegetables, salt, pepper, add the tomato paste.On top put the washed rice, garlic cloves, spices, barberry.Add 4 cups (from Multivarki) water.Enables "pilaf" and when an alarm sounds, rice with meat removed, mixed and laid out on plates.

course, to save time, the meat can not fry before cooking, but in this case there is a possibility that the pieces will turn over dried.Pre-roasting provides a ruddy outside and juicy inside cubes of beef or pork.To prepare better to take a small amount of cutting Zhirkov.