How to quit smoking?

preparatory stage.

First develop a convincing motivation to stop smoking.The answer to the question - why would I want to quit smoking?Here we check their strength, tuning in to the fight.Just knowing that it will not be easy.

sets out on paper (well, or on a computer - as you like) the reasons for which there is a need to quit smoking.As practice shows, the most effective motivation - the desire to preserve health.This often happens when there have terrible health problems (emphysema, cancer), when you do not give up can not be otherwise almost fatal.

First, think, analyze, select and record when (as soon as you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach, after breakfast, after arriving at work, in the case of a quarrel with his wife), and what feelings (rage, sadness, anxiety, joy, dissatisfaction with whom-That) cause a desire to smoke.

Also, what goals (relax, relax, focus) that you want to achieve.Here write down how to get away from situations of this kind.If you think it's impossible, consider how differently these moments behave.

Other - the desire to live fully, perhaps obligations to the family, the ability to save money, etc.Hang a sheet with this list in a prominent place and several times a day, read it.With a computer in this case is more complicated, but you can and then come up with something - the main constant reminder to yourself.

and use different techniques.Resets all cigarette butts in a jar of water.And all this "picture" - a smelly, black, oily muck also keep in sight, and every time it's on your project the light - the same thing is happening you have in them.

Think of yourself - well set - the date when you finally quit smoking.

Heed all family, work circumstances of the period.It is important that in this day and the next couple were not stressful emotionally.

It is also important psychologically tune in and use something like self-hypnosis.Convince myself that this was the date - and not a day later, in which you stop smoking.Believe that you have a strong will to do and believe infinitely positive results.

main stage.

Victory over smoking not only in order not to consume cigarette, but to change his life, her style, her thoughts, behavior.

When will you have designated on the calendar day from now is more important than the intended purpose for you will not be.The challenge now - perebaryvat keen desire to smoke when there.Typically, peak lasts no more than 5 - 10 minutes.At this point - very important - you must take the will in a fist, and to reaffirm its determination to deceiving himself by diverting attention to something else, that time will blow you away completely.

Try developed their own tactics of alternative behaviors, if the desire to smoke at this point is because you associate with cigarettes.

Take things you love, play a computer game, read a book, have a dance in the end!Take your hands directly to something, for example, make a jigsaw puzzles or prepare dinner ...

breathe deeply relaxing.Squaring his shoulders, took a deep breath.Then hold your breath for about a minute, if you can, and then exhale slowly.Since five 5 times.

Take in the mouth chewing gum, chew, suck candy, flip seeds or drink the water (or even better green tea).You can eat an apple, it is better green, carrot.Brush your teeth.Take a shower or bath to relax.Rinse mouth with water and soda solution.

As a result, the craving for cigarettes will begin to decrease, and in a few weeks with a favorable scenario, disappear altogether.

deciding tie-smoking, it disposes of, which is associated with this sight - ashtrays, cigarette lighters.Avoid communication in the smoking areas.If possible, go to the place where it is prohibited.

At the initial stage - about two months - well take hot baths, and if possible, visit the sauna.This will help flush out toxins more, it will in turn reduce the craving for cigarettes.There is also advice - drink plenty of fluids - the best mineral water or juice.

also the beginning of his (necessarily successfully!) The first two weeks of the experiment did not drink alcohol, coffee, spicy and salty foods that can trigger cravings.

eat more vegetables.Carbohydrates turn down - pasta, flour, sweet.Again, women in menopause is best to consult a doctor.Perhaps the decision in connection with the antidepressants.And the psychological moment - at savings of NEpokupki cigarette money to buy their own gifts!Rejoice yourself as much as possible!

great assistant - it constantly repeat - Training.It can help relieve stress tension, recover from the damage caused by smoking body.No need to build from a newly Olympian - start small - normal, but long walks on foot.For smokers, on the contrary, excessive loads are dangerous, accelerate heartbeat, disturbed as a result, the blood supply.

Walk after a meal.This option is safe, proven and effective!I think that all this was written not in vain and be sure to make you healthy!