Biography Ian Somerhalder, or the path to glory

The current favorite of the female audience was born in a small town in Louisiana in a simple working-class family.Biography Ian Somerhalder is quite varied.He worked his way up from an ordinary boy actor.Very young Ian began to take off for child modeling agencies, alternating this activity with the help of their parents in a huge farm.Later, the guy was working with a very well-known fashion houses and even became the face of one of the most popular brands.At the same time Somerhalder does not forget about his dream of becoming an actor.

road to success

Biography Ian Somerhalder tells us that in 17 years the fate throws him into a city of contrasts - New York - permanent residence.There he decides to come to grips with the theater and realize themselves with a creative side.A couple of years the fate confronts him with the great masters of Performing Arts William Esper and Anthony Eybsonom.Roles do not have to wait long.True, at first it was only the episodes that were cut "caring" and the creators and did not appear to the public.

first real job roles were in the movies "now or never" and "Young Americans."Although the Yen and a fair popularity, but it may have noticed.And so, in 2002, Somerhalder starred in one of the most successful of his films - "The Rules of Attraction."When the actor offered the role of gay, he had no doubt, on the contrary, always says how much this film has done for him.It was after the role of Ian Paul entered the list of the sexiest men on the version of the print edition People.In addition, this project gave rise to a further ascent.After the film "Rules of Attraction" Somerhalder began to appear in several films in one year.

Another famous actor roles - Boone Carlyle in "Lost."Ian Somerhalder, whose biography is in its very early work describes the family, the work on the ground, taking care of the horses can not associate itself with the son of a rich daddy.However, it is surprisingly good job with the role.

But the greatest popularity with his head covered yen after the release of the first editions of the series "The Vampire Diaries."Biography Ian Somerhalder, perhaps captured the peak of his success.Here he plays a wily seducer who needs no feelings, only the satisfaction of their needs.The role of Damon Salvatore - the evil brother - found an echo in the hearts of millions telezritelnits, who for the past few years, look forward to each new series.

Ian Somerhalder.Biography.Life

How can you not fall in love with this handsome, especially after the role of a vampire?Many women can not resist the charm Somerhalder.Ian often associated themselves with colleagues from the films.In this list, the lucky Nina Dobrev, Kate Bosworth, Maggie Grace.But the actress did not confine man.The list also included the bride Sarah Malateysta, Ashley Greene, Nikki Hilton.But the most serious relationship Jena - Megan Auld.Some sources have reported that the couple were married, but no evidence of this was not, and then an actor and all started another girlfriend.

To date, it is unknown whether this demand as an actor and in the future will be described Biography Ian Somerhalder.But we'll look forward to the release of new movies.