SRO - way to success

After studying international experience in the struggle against bureaucracy in Russia decided to withdraw from the licensing of certain activities, and take the path of creating a non-profit self-regulatory organizations, which are endowed with the right to issue allowances for works participating partners.

experiment started relatively recently and did not cover all areas of the economy.One of the sectors in which the registration is allowed BUT - was the construction.From now on, for the construction business without membership to the SROs is prohibited.As demonstrated by the practice of non-profit partnership abroad, the abolition of licensing in building and move to issue tolerances partner networks contributed to improving the safety and quality of work performed, as well as the dynamic development of the construction industry.

At present, our country is gradually abated debate about the relevance of innovation and entry into CPO nobody disputes.But despite this, many entrepreneurs still do not realize the benefits that it brings the creation of a nonprofit organization, and membership in the partnership is seen as an emergency measure, without which the legal construction works.Consider some of the benefits of membership in the SRO.

First, membership in the SRO provides opportunities for cooperation between the democratic parties to partner organizations, and provides a constructive dialogue with representatives of state authorities and local governments.It becomes highly relevant against the backdrop of a new wave of economic crisis.

Second, membership in the self-regulatory organization provides partner companies terms of professional growth and upgrade the skills of workers.Due to the participation of SROs in special activities, seminars and conferences are expanding business ties non-commercial partnership.

Thirdly, the principles of self-help to improve the safety and quality of construction and contract work, which allows to establish clear responsibilities of each contractor - a partner organization.Formed in accordance with the Charter of SRO Financial Fund reduces the risks of bankruptcy and the fear of liability for obligations to third parties.

Fourth, the customer more willing to give a contract to build the members of the SROs, because the organization is the guarantor that the construction of facilities will be completed within a certain period specified in the contract.In the case of claims by the customer Partnership lawyers will participate in the debate and take on the representation of the interests of the contractor in various instances.

To sum up, we can safely say that membership in the non-commercial partnership enables entrepreneurs engaged in the construction business to receive comprehensive information and legal support.Besides participation in the non-commercial partnership greatly simplifies the procedure of entry into CPO, which in turn takes over the function of communication with the authorities on the ground.