How to make yeast pancakes

thin fried cakes from liquid yeast or unleavened dough pancakes called.This pastry dish known since ancient times in many nations.But, perhaps, only in Russia pancakes became very popular.Yeast pancakes are baked throughout the year, served on holidays, it is the main dish during Shrovetide week and represent the sun.

believed that Russia pancakes on the stove began about a thousand years ago, and the story of their occurrence is not fully known.According to historians, the word "damn" is derived from "Mlyn", which means "flour products" or "dough."There are hundreds of recipes for pancakes, but every family has its secrets.

Traditionally prepared yeast pancakes.Preblended Opara lying two or three times, and only after the batter is mixed.To prepare pancake dough can be used not only wheat flour, and buckwheat, millet flour, semolina.Pancakes can be supplied with a filling: meat or fish, caviar, mushrooms, honey, sour cream, jam and others. In the last century, prepared pancakes with pripёkom.Pripёk - this same filling, which is put between two pancakes.She is currently unjustly forgotten.

Elsewhere pancakes bake virtually the same products.But each country has its own secrets.The British added to the dough beer and malt flour Hispanic - cornmeal, pancake batter in the Chinese add the onion.

How to make yeast pancakes?

yeast pancakes are mixed from the product at room temperature.To prepare the sponge will need three cups of wheat flour.Pre-sifted flour.Passing through the pores of the sieve, the flour is enriched with oxygen and is released from the lumps or foreign specks.You also need one sachet of instant yeast or 30-40 grams.yeast briquettes.Yeast dissolved beforehand in a small amount of warm water.In yeast mixture, add 250 of room temperature water, a teaspoon of salt without the slides, and two tablespoons of sugar and flour.Opara mix well, cover and put in a warm place.When Opara rise, it must be carefully upset and leave until the next rise.As soon as it rises again, we add two eggs and a cup of hot milk.Stir until dough is smooth.As the density of pancake batter should resemble a thick yogurt.

yeast pancakes are best oven on the heated cast iron skillet or frying pan with a thick bottom.The surface of the pan must be lubricated with lard or vegetable oil small amount.Ladle, pour the cooked pancake batter into the pan and allowed to spread evenly.As soon as the outer surface of the pancake is dry and covered with holes, it must be carefully flip.Ready pancake abundant melted butter to grease.

Instead of flour, you can use buckwheat or millet flour or semolina.Besides flour can take the flakes noodles that are pre-brewed hot water or milk.Buckwheat or pshёnku taken in equal proportions with wheat flour, a half cup.The rest of the process of making the same.

to get thin yeast pancakes, the test is necessary to add more milk, the consistency of the test must be fluid.
During Lent Lenten cook pancakes, yeast.For this preparation not using egg and milk instead take water.

yeast in thin pancakes can be wrapped any filling.You can wrap the fried minced meat with onions, salted salmon or trout, caviar, fried mushrooms, sweet stuffing.And you can just serve them with sour cream and butter for the festive table.