Do you know what "Google"?

Is there life on Mars?This question pundits all over the world since the dawn wondered then.Now, many are asking in bewilderment about whether life is possible without Google?This famous Russian search engine appeared on the virtual spaces of the only ten years ago.

First, its functionality is not much different from that of any "Rambler", but users immediately noticed one thing: just virginal purity interface start page.In comparison with all competitors "Google" at the time (and still) looked just fine.

If the above-mentioned "Rambler" to the search box at times it was impossible to break through, as in the way of user screens were tight as kilotonnes of advertising, then "google" it was simple and pleasant.Once taking for granted is the direction of development, the team has the search engine will never alter.They were not wrong: a couple of years it was difficult to find a man who would not know what is "Google"!

Yes, today Google is the world leader in the promotion of all kinds of goods, but it does it with the help of contextual and targeted advertising that does not cause irritation of the users, as it is personalized.

Simply put, if in your searches on the Internet is dominated by motorcycle theme, you will be shown only that advertising that has something to do with motorcycles.

So what "Google" in this sense?It is an excellent search engine that satisfies equally well the interests not only of users, but also advertisers.

Benefits Google

All of this would be just a colorful description, if not the facts.And they suggest that it is this search engine instantly won the hearts of millions of users worldwide.

Than Google immediately went to the heart Web users?As we have already said, its web-based search was really a pleasure to use.In addition, from the beginning of the creators of the search engine made it a rule the principle of promotion of high-quality and free software.

anyone else remember how the official page you can download a set of programs, which is composed of the famous Picasa, which has now millions of fans around the world?After all, with the help of such "spam" by many users at that time we learned that the Internet there are totally free, but very functional and quality programs.

impossible not to mention the excellent search facilities.If you previously had to shovel megabytes of information, searching for information in the trash a grain of truth, the original in Google can be found in almost all spent on the process of the search just a couple of seconds.

Child Safety

In contrast to all the search engines of the time, it is "Google," the first in the world to implement effective and strict methods to not only block the distributors dangerous and harmful to children's information, but also conducive to their reckoning in reality.

Thus, already in the first years of activity, Google helped found and sentenced to long-term prison sentences more than a dozen pedophiles and many of those responsible for the dissemination of relevant content.

you still ask what a "Google?"Well, let's continue our tour of the glorious pages of the history of this wonderful project!

earning potential

Once the real earnings in our network users can only dream of.That all changed when the market appeared notorious service AdSense, through which users as time and shows the very targeted advertising.By placing a special code on your page, you become a participant in this program.

And it helps make money?It's simple - you get paid for posting this as an ad unit, and his earning potential.Some foreign creators sites earn more than one million dollars per year!


When "zamaterevshy" Google announced the creation of its browser, which "shake the pedestal IE and Firefox", he believed.Show the man who would not know what is Google Chrome!

This beautiful and lightweight browser is surprisingly fast, supports expansion and is perhaps the most secure in the world program of this class.It is the "Chrome" for the first time delivered a webmaster from a terrible hassle support of a "zoo" of browsers.To express this is that the creators did Chrome also automatically update, without requiring user intervention.

Many are unaware that the browser on their computer is always current version number.

Social Network

Given the success of the company in the above field, almost no one doubted that its activities in the field of social networking will also be more than successful.Actually, something like this happened.

you know what "Google Plus"?It is - extremely convenient, reliable and secure social network where you can chat with friends across the world.It is integrated with virtually all services, "Google", so you can not change their habits, using a familiar ecosystem.

Mobile OS

"Android" ... From this word alone, which not so long ago could be heard except in science fiction films, rapidly turning gray hair users iOS.And for good reason, because it was so named has become incredibly popular and widespread mobile operating system from Google!

By the way, what is the "Google Play", which fans often say "Android"?This - the service of legal content, which you can buy at a reasonable price movies or music, games and books.

Universal Identifier

Finally, the "Google" has now become the digital center, with which you will have unlimited access to all the unique capabilities of the Internet.You know what account "Google"?

It - your unique network ID, which are "tied" all of the services Google.To make it clearer, imagine "Google" (with all its services) in the form of a giant library.Account - a universal pass for all of its levels.Once registered for "Google," you will be able to use the full functionality of YouTube, Google+, Gmail, and Google Drive.

That's what "Google"!