A small list of cool comedies

Laugh prolongs our lives.It is therefore necessary to look for any ways to cheer yourself up.One of the faithful is to view any film that is on the list of class comedies.Laughter - the best medicine from all adversity and depression.

most great comedy.List

Probably no one would argue with the fact that one of the funniest comedies of the classical part of the movie "Some Like It Hot."It is surprising that it was filmed in 1959, and the jokes sounded in it, makes you laugh until now.This film is about two jazz musicians who accidentally witness a gangster showdown.They understand that they need to escape.The only way to go unnoticed - a change in the girls and go to Florida, along with a female jazz.

List class comedies can be extended to others, it is also quite an old film.If you like the Soviet cinema, necessarily look "easy life".It's worth doing, if only because it plays inimitable Ranevskaya.Her heroine is engaged in petty speculation.It helps her in this citizen Bochkin.He was disgusted with this life, however, working in dry cleaning, will not earn much.And so it continues as long as Bochkin not acquainted with Olga, who said that a successful chemist.How will it all end?Take a look - and find out for yourself.

next film, which is included in our list of the coolest comedy - is "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective."This film is one of the most famous, which starred Jim Carrey.The film is about a private detective named Ace.He specializes in searching for missing our smaller brethren.One day, he was entrusted to find out who stole the Snowball - the dolphin is the mascot of a football team.Ace using his sharp wit and incredible charisma, enthusiastically taken for investigation.Soon it becomes clear that the roots of this story is much deeper than it seems.

And here is another movie that will definitely be included in the list of class comedies."Unlucky" - this is a classic, which reviews more than one or two times.Kinopara Richard Depardieu, has long been loved by the audience, and in this picture - especially.Private detective Campana will find the President's daughter companies (which even before that fall into different small stories unpleasant).He has traveled all over the country, finding no trace of the girl.Therefore, when a staff psychologist offers to do the same, but with a pair of unlucky accountant Francois Campana seems this idea absurd.However, it soon becomes clear: birds of a feather do flock together.

If we talk about the show, then there are many comic masterpieces.For example, the "Mr. Bean" with R. Atkinson in the title role.This is a unique collection of stories about the strange but very cheerful and never be weary Englishman Mr. Binet.On the screens of the series was released in 1990, but today the reel of film is laughable.

Cool comedy, a list of which was given above, of course, are not the only ones.There is still a lot of great movies that will make all laugh.