How to cheat the polygraph

In today's world there is a strong belief that the lie detector is almost can not afford to cheat - it almost can not follow the course of our thoughts.It is believed that accuracy of inspection thereon exceeds ninety percent.Belief in this myth is beneficial to people working directly with the polygraph.This trick makes it possible to suppress the psychological test.And the companies providing such services, the popularity of these checks gives a chance to make serious cash.But still - is it possible to fool a lie detector?

Of course, in recent years, science has been improved, but the accuracy of conventional "computation truth" is far from the truth, because it does not exceed even seventy percent.This means that you just know some secrets that will help answer the question "How to cheat a polygraph?".Let's look at the most important of them.

First of all, stop to bow before this miracle machine.We did not come up with a mechanism capable to penetrate your mind and read your thoughts.Lie detector captures only as changing your physiological indicators in answering the questions selected in advance.The main thing - to the man himself believed in good faith, or persuaded himself that.Then the polygraph will take his answers as the truth.People are constantly deceiving, and, as they say, blushing at the same time, be able to pass such a test easily without even thinking about how to fool a polygraph.

The day before the test may use a little alcohol.In testing "braked" reaction hurt polygraph accurately assess your answers.But overdo it with alcohol is not necessary.Also, if a few days before checking your sleep was short, you will not be able to assess the situation objectively.However, it should be noted that, in addition to a lie detector, you are testing specialist.He will not be difficult to visually recognize that you are very sleepy and sluggish.

to use the following method, fortunately, do not need to take anything.It should only focus on some abstract subject: desktop, wall or window, and a specialist to answer questions quickly, without thinking.

can also apply and the following simple method.When you need to give the employee a positive response, but it's a lie, forget about what interested expert.Mentally ask yourself the question, to which we can say affirmative "Yes" (for example, I'm twenty-five years old my name is Maxim, etc.).Then simply ozvuchte your answer.However, in practice this method is usually formed harder than in theory.Therefore, you should first work out.

slightest muscle tension will act in the right direction and will cause the necessary changes (indentation strong toes into the floor, tightly adjusting the language to the palate), but only one that is not the expert said.

order not to wonder how to pass a lie detector, before testing can not hurt wet the phalanges of the hands with alcohol.Do not worry, if the specialist will ask you to wash your hands.Although the effect, of course, then there is a little weak, this method will continue to work.

So now you know the basic tricks to help you understand how to fool a polygraph.Finally I would like to clarify that even if meaningful level, we imagine the truth that, for whatever reasons, it is beneficial, our subconscious mind still knows the real truth.Inconsistency your answers are really able to manifest itself in increased sweating, increased heart rate and respiratory rate.All these reactions in our body and fixes the lie detector.Therefore, the most sure-fire way in which we will know exactly how to fool a polygraph - a genuine belief in his deceit.But, unfortunately, genuinely accept as truth a lie invented capable not everyone.