To the men watched the 4 exercises for a beautiful gait

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What a beautiful walk right?First of all, it is important not to put his feet during walking too far away or, conversely, too close.

In the first case, you will look like a sort of feminist-athlete, in the second - a step too mincing.The distance between the toe and heel jogging legs flywheel should equal the length of your foot.No need to set foot too wide: it is important that the heels were put on the same line.

The body shall keep walking straight.Keep the shoulders did not drop, and keep your head straight.Hands slightly bend your elbows slightly and waved them in time with the steps.Hips remain stationary, the foot is "from the hip."Socks feet slightly apart.Do not relax your knees jogging leg should fully straighten the knee and ankle, while the supporting leg easily rolled from heel to toe.

All movements try to make freely, without shocks, and continuously.Sometimes women, leading a sedentary lifestyle and having to the same addiction to wear high heels, they go very ugly, bending your knees.From these weaknesses will help us get rid of a proposed set of exercises.

complex of gymnastic exercises to correct gait

1. ¬ęsipped cat": squat, leaning on hands, pinch knees, feet put on socks.Then straighten your knees, trying to touch the floor with his heels.Again, sit down and go up sharply.Begin this exercise 3-4 times, gradually adding the number of times, trying to bring up to 8-10 times.If the next day you will be muscle ache, do not panic.It means only that you do the exercises correctly.

2. Lie on your back, hands at your sides, bend your legs quickly, bent his knees to his chest.Then straighten your legs and slowly lower them down, making sure your knees.Bending the legs to do exhale.Repeat exercise 5-8 times.

3. Stand up straight with your feet apart.At first, in order to facilitate the exercise for yourself, you can put them wider, but gradually try to reduce the distance.Make a bend of the trunk forward and try to touch the floor with his hands.Keep your knees bent not.From the first exercise may not be possible.But over time, you will notice obvious progress.When tilting breathe out.Repeat the exercise 5-8 times.

4. Lie on your back, raise your right foot, take the left hand foot right foot, and the rest against the right knee.Straighten your right leg at the knee, then bend, straighten the back, and so on. D. With his left hand all the time, grasp the foot and push the right knee while straightening the legs.If it is difficult to straighten the knee, you can be raised slightly off the floor, but try every time to straighten the knee until the end.

Keep in mind that the 1st and 4th exercise intense enough.The approach to their implementation, especially at first, with great care, without "fanaticism", trying not to abuse them, and not to have to exhaustion.It is best to choose for themselves 1-2 exercises and include them in the morning exercises.

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