Popular Russian TV series, "Request Stop"

film "Request Stop" was released in 2000.It was directed by Janik Faiziev, who graduated in 1991 from VGIK.He participated in the creation of projects such as "Kinopanorama", "Interception", "The Other Day", "Ten songs about Moscow" and "The Lord of the taste."Filmed in the studio show "TRITE."Genre - melodrama.The story was so pleased with the audience that in 2001 a sequel - "Request Stop 2".Around the same time edition of "Kommersant Vlast" commented the show as follows: "His story is a striking example of the office romance in the tradition of Russian cinema."Filming took place partly in the small suburban town of the district.


In the first season spectator watching the ups and downs of life of ordinary man in the street Smirnov.He - a typical "middle man" (as indicated by even his name): work, home, honey, but unpretentious wife Natasha.Rainy day wife quarrel over some trifling matter, and Smirnov decides to visit his mother - the good, he has long did not.Thus, the province, drizzling rain, longing, outskirts;Stop on demand (that is, the place where the bus driver stopped only if asked to do so).

Hero waiting patiently associated transportation, not too relying on luck.And no wonder - in such black spots you can hang around for hours.However, Smirnov suddenly smiling luck: on the same road in an expensive car in a hurry somewhere beautiful Irina.Of course, it is no match Tikhon Natasha: strong, brave, independent, self - in general, this business-woman.Lost in thought, Irina effusions standing alone at the edge of the road Smirnova dirty water from puddles.It would be logical to assume that haughty lady just grin and go further, however, awakens the conscience of Ira.She stops and picks up drenched from head to foot a man.

So stop on demand to radically change the destiny of both.Feeling guilty, Irina Smirnova driven to her home in a luxury apartment.There, she patiently listened to his confused outpourings, then they break up - as it turns out soon, for the time being.Soon they meet again, then again and again.Before the eyes of the audience turns the real story about Cinderella, only inverted upside down.The actions include the ex-husband of Irina, who ironically falls in love with his wife Smirnov."Stop on request" - a film about a love quadrangle, flip habitual way of life heroes.

second season

continuation of the series appeared every bit as fun and exciting.Andrei Smirnov parted with Irina - her beauty and sophistication no longer seduce jaded hero.Earn enough large sum of money, he once again converges with Natasha, his ex-wife.What is Irina?Just take for her ex-husband, Klenina.A business woman is forced to rescue it from the ongoing series of setbacks and turmoil.


series "Request Stop" has received many awards.In particular, at the Festival of the game telecine "Flashes 2001" Olga Drozdova was awarded the prize for Best Actress.Anatoly Maximov and Konstantin Ernst for the best production work gave Taffy.