How to get rid of scars?

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Cabin methods of getting rid of acne scars

How to solve the problem of scarring on the face after the hated acne?Chemical peeling - a very comfortable way to such exemption.Spots on the pimples that are left adolescence, very ugly and spoil the appearance.How to get rid of scars?This can be done fairly economical way - a chemical peel facial.

In the fight against this problem is still possible to apply the microdermabrasion.

With this peeling improves complexion, acne scars are aligned.Superficial peels are well tolerated by patients and require little or no rehabilitation.They are also able to deal with enlarged pores.This procedure is based on the salicylic and glycolic acids.The choice of drug is an important point.In the presence of inflammation recommended drugs, which include pyruvic acid.

How to get rid of scars?Peeling alone can not solve the problem of getting rid of the scars.This procedure will be visible only with drugs.Depending on the condition of the skin beauticians prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines.The medicine is important to apply together with the peeling.Well suited for systems such adjustment of the sebaceous glands.

inhibit acne scars.With phototherapy can improve treatment outcomes.During the treatment of certain parameters of the light on the skin.It is impossible to treat, if present on the skin irritation, allergies or rashes.These procedures are not recommended for use immediately after skin resurfacing, in case of problems with the endocrine system, dermabrasion and chemical peels after.Eye disease, poor blood clotting, varicose veins are also contraindicated to sessions.After the procedure, a visit to the bath is forbidden for a couple of days.How to get rid of scars?Phototherapy is a safe procedure only if you meet these conditions.

Dermabrasion - This procedure is not new and not so popular today in the rejuvenation.It is held stationary only as and requires anesthesia.The technique consists in the removal of the operating mill the surface layer of the skin, thereby starting the process of regeneration.Recovering from surgery will have a few months.

How to get rid of scars?There is another technique.Skin pressurized stream of atomized aluminum crystals.This outpatient procedure is performed in a special unit.

acne there are small depressions, acne scars?How to get rid of blemishes?Today, it is increasingly being used laser.Erbium laser procedure is considered to be more comfortable for rehabilitation.Visibly smooth and flatten scars skin can be a single session.But the visible effect will be visible to field a few sessions.Rehabilitation will take several weeks.

results Due to the high security and health chemical peeling has become one of the most popular treatments in beauty salons.