How to cook the sauce for 'Caesar'

salad - all the favorite, very useful and easy dish.It may be supplied in both cold and hot.The salad recipe does not have any particular restrictions.You need to know one thing - food should be combined with each other.It is an important addition to the salad - this is undoubtedly the sauce.You can cook several portions, but use different sauces for filling, to see how the taste of salads will dramatically different among themselves.In this article we look at how to make the sauce for the popular and beloved by many Italian salad "Caesar".A variety of options.It all depends on taste preferences, but a prerequisite for correctly prepared salad is its filling.

Sauce "Caesar" is made up of quite a large number of products.If you decide to cook, then you except ingredients also need a blender.All components will be beating to the consistency was uniform and delicate taste.

Now let's see how to make the sauce.We need an egg, Dijon mustard, lemon, garlic, anchovies, parmesan and olive oil.Beat the egg, then add to it a tablespoon of mustard, two small garlic cloves, ¾ lemon, 5 anchovies (they can be replaced by any shallow saltwater fish).Bates speed and pour a thin stream of 170 g of olive oil.The classic recipe sure to include Worcestershire sauce.At the end add the Parmesan cheese, grated finely.The sauce for the "Caesar" is ready.

One alternative salad that you can fill with our wonderful sauce, unusually simple.The secret, in fact, not the salad ingredients (everything here is complete without intricacies), and additions in the form of gas stations.Lettuce nice spread on a large plate.Top distribute chopped into cubes, fried in vegetable oil the chicken breast.Grater cut into thin slices of parmesan cheese.Filling "Caesar" - a great addition to this easy and delicious salad.

Salad "Caesar" is fairly young.He appeared at the beginning of the last century.Every year, its popularity has only grown, because the variety of products that includes salad and sauce "Caesar" is truly boundless.

Initially salad was served in a slightly different form.Dish, which is laid out in a salad, rubbed with garlic.There were placed lettuce leaves, followed by eggs and croutons.Filling "Caesar" was from these eggs, cooked to a semi-liquid state, as well as Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, olive oil and Parmesan cheese.It is worth noting that the creator of this dish, Caesar Cardini, boiled eggs for the sauce in an original way.To get the right consistency when cooked before omit the egg in boiling water, he pierced his dull part of the needle is placed into the pan and immediately shuts down.Wait a minute, removed an egg from the pan.If you follow his example, you will have what you need.

I would like to offer a little bit away from the classics in the preparation of salad dressings.It is difficult to find that Worcestershire sauce, so we try to make a sauce for the "Caesar" somewhat differently.

basis, of course, will make the eggs.Cook them, as did Cardini.In a blender, beat the eggs, to squeeze ½ lemon, 2.5 tablespoons finely grated Parmesan cheese and stir well.Then send in a blender 1 tablespoon mustard sweetish, pour olive oil (it is, we need 120 g).Properly cooked sauce almost doubled.That's all there is!

in sauce "Caesar" You can also add balsamic vinegar.If you like Thai fish sauce, in conjunction with the "balsamic" and black pepper it originally will be played in the filling.