How to make cheese at home?

Dairy products in human life have a special place.Milk - it is not only protein, calcium, but also a complex of vitamins and lactic acids needed to complete the work of our body.Among all the great variety of dairy products, you can select the most basic - it's milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, cream.By-products include dairy industry whey and buttermilk (skimmed milk, which is obtained by removing from the milk cream).After churning, too, turns out delicious dairy product, Tatars call it the "Aryan," Well, maybe someone else to call it.

want to pay special attention to cottage cheese because of all the above it is the high content of protein and calcium.It is very useful for children and adults, especially for those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Surely many people are interested in how to make cheese at home.I, too, it was interesting, so I decided to study this process.Although both get cheese in an industrial environment, I know inside and out, as it is part of my profession.Now I'll tell you how to make cheese at home.

Ways many consider the most affordable ones.

1) We need any number of fresh buttermilk or yogurt, I have 1.5 liters of yogurt.Take a large pot, pour into it a little water and bring to a boil.We need it as a water bath.In a saucepan we pour our smaller yogurt and put in a big one.Now we wait, when it begins to separate serum, it should be that kefir is not boiled, or get hard cheese.The whole process takes about half an hour, sometimes a little longer.Then, the entire mass is poured onto a large mesh (fine mesh), and look forward to when the whole whey drain.You can do otherwise: to use a bag of gauze, but this serum runs longer and a little cheese selfpressing.In this recipe, it turns out tender and tasty.

How to make cheese at home you know now, consider the method of using milk.

2) We need a carton of milk, two tablespoons of sour cream topped.Milk bring to a boil (but do not boil), then cooled to room temperature and mix with sour cream.We put on a night in a warm place.By morning it will fermented mixture.Heat it in a water bath and get a cottage.Now you can safely teach loved ones how to make cheese from milk.

industrial practice for the production of cottage cheese using calcium chloride.It contributes to the rapid coagulation of the milk.

general, by tradition, our grandmothers knew how to make cheese at home.As a rule, everyone in the village to keep a cow.Milk is not always drank it sour.That's what my grandmother turned sour milk curd is heated to yield the most natural and homemade.Sometimes the milk is left to sour specifically to cook from his cottage cheese.

Today, few contain cow's milk, you can buy in any store.So you can do for yourself by cheese.By the way of the curd obtained great cheesecake.You can cook a variety of sweet cheese (this is especially pleased to kids, and adults are not averse to eat).

Good obtained from curd cheese snack, it's very easy to cook.We take our fresh cheese is mixed with salt (who wants salty - put more salt, to whom not much - less).All we mix the dough and spread in the form or ordinary plate.Extruding and wait a couple of days, when the cheese ripens.The result is something similar to the Adygei cheese (it, by the way, traditionally made from ewe's milk).

As for serum, then it is possible to prepare a variety of beverages, for example, mix it with sugar, juice of any fruit - and is ready to a refreshing drink that goes well in the heat.

Well, now you really give a detailed answer to the question of how to make cheese at home, and what it is useful for our body.