How to quickly cook yeast dough for pies?

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often do you bake cakes?Most modern housewives just shrug their shoulders: where do we get time, because yeast dough so long to cook.Before pies whether there is resorted to work and think, how quickly would feed a family!

But not all so sad!There are recipes for which the yeast dough for pies can be prepared very quickly.And the quality of the baked goods is not affected, cakes turn out tender, tasty and long retain their freshness.

fillings for these cakes can serve whatever you want.From the usual mashed potatoes to jam or preserves.And the filling is better to prepare in advance as our yeast dough for pies will be ready soon enough.

We need a small bag of instant yeast, half a glass of milk, two (sweet tooth can put four) spoons of sugar, about four cups of flour, two eggs, a little salt, and two-thirds cup of vegetable oil.If you take the number of products offered, then you get about twenty pies.

So prepare dough for pies begin with a batch of sourdough.To this mix yeast six tablespoons of flour and sugar.A milk podogreem it to become warm and begin to pour into a mixture of dry foods, stirring to avoid lumps.As a result, we get a test that is reminiscent of the density of fat yogurt.

way, a yeast dough for pies can be cooked using fresh yeast.However, in this case, the time for dough preparation takes more.If you use fresh yeast Opara preparing differently.First you need to stir shivering in warm milk, then add the sugar and flour.

Dishes with brew cover with a lid and put in a warm place for fifteen minutes.If you use fresh yeast for proofing sponge it will take approximately half an hour.

Now you can begin to knead the dough.That all happened quickly, it is convenient to use a mixer with a special nozzle, but you can, of course, and knead the dough by hand.

So, beat two eggs (not to foam, but just until smooth), pour them into the brew and starting to knead the dough, podsypaya three cups of flour.In the process of kneading the dough should pour oil.Zameshennoe yeast dough for pies should be cool (like ravioli), but stick to your hands, it should not.Using a mixer knead the dough can be five minutes to seven, but the manual batch will not take much time.

in the list of ingredients indicated that flour should be three to four cups of such inaccuracy due to the fact that the flour is of varying quality.Therefore, three glasses, you can pour easily, and add a fourth as needed if the dough is thick enough.

Thus, the dough is ready.If we kneaded it on dry yeast, it can be directly cut into patties.If you use fresh yeast dough proofing need to put in a warm place for thirty minutes.

When cutting pies better not to add an additional amount of flour dough.And in order to roll out the tortillas it was more convenient, hands and need a tool (rolling pin and board) is slightly oiled.In this case, the dough will not stick.

Ready pies lay on a baking sheet and give it to stand for about twenty minutes, closing the top napkin to the dough zavetrivalos.While the cakes are on proofing, light the oven so that it warmed up to a temperature of 200 degrees.A bowl vzobem one egg, which we use to lubricate the top of the cakes have risen.

Shipment proofed and smeared egg patties in the oven and bake until they are flushed.As a rule, the baking time is about twenty minutes or twenty-five.

Even faster you can cook fried yeast dough for pies, as in this case there is no need to put the brew.Take half a cup of milk, two tablespoons of sugar, a little salt, one hundred grams of vegetable oil, 40 grams of fresh or dried yeast sachet and about three cups of flour.

Dissolve yeast in warm milk, add to the sugar and salt and pour in the oil.Now we begin to pour the flour, kneading the dough.Mesim first in a bowl, then - on the table.The finished dough is placed in a bag and drop into a pot filled with cold water.Twenty minutes later you can begin to sculpt cakes with any filling and, after a ten-proofing, fry them in a pan.

As you can see, that the house smelled of pies, do not necessarily spend a lot of time, everything can be done in haste.