As cod baked in the oven on the occasion of the arrival of guests?

Cod on the content of the protein it is not inferior to the white varieties of meat.In addition, it is rich in iodine, easy to digest, contains niacin and vitamin B12.Fish diet, so often included in the diet of children and patients who are on a strict diet.On the question of what to cook cod, one can give, perhaps, not less than one thousand interesting choices.The best way to make a complete and delicious meal - a baked cod in the oven.Most often, to prevent drying of food fish wrapped in foil or harboring her herbs and other products, but we offer it to hide a more complex mixture.This recipe is offered to cook the cod with white wine and cheese fruit.


  1. fresh cod fillet - 800 g;
  2. fruity white wine - 1 cup;
  3. hard noble cheese - 100 g;
  4. Marinated olives - 130 g;
  5. purple basil - 8 sprigs;
  6. sour cream or heavy cream - 500 g;
  7. dill - 100 g;
  8. onion turnip - 3 large and strong bulbs;
  9. sea salt, white pepper, mustard French.

Cook cod in the following ways:

1. The fish is thawed and washed.With a sharp knife cut and a long dorsal and ventral fins, remove the entrails, head and tail.Carefully cut the ridge, without cutting the carcass half.From inside and outside nadsech it and rub with salt cod.

2. Prepare a marinade of wine, French mustard, salt, four sprigs of basil and pepper.Brine heat is not necessary.In his thirty minutes to put fish.

3. At the bottom of a cast iron frying pan and deep put pickled fish, cover it with a layer of fresh, chopped onions and then pour the marinade.

4. After all the preparations required for cod baked in the oven until soft.Depending on the size of the carcasses roasting period varies from fifteen minutes to half an hour.

5. Hot fish pour sour cream, add the olives, basil and remaining re-send it in the oven for ten minutes.

6. When the cream will curdle, generously sprinkle the dish hard cheese, add part of the dill and again sent to the broiler.

7. The finished dish is served combined with fresh vegetables and stays green, and the quality of wine.

The dish turns out very tender and fragrant, creamy fish just melts in your mouth.Cod in white wine and cream cheese will be the highlight of any holiday, the culinary program, and the guests will celebrate the art and effort mistress.Bake in the oven for cod may be slightly different, modifying the specified recipe on its own way.

example, a marinade of white wine can be successfully replaced not less than the original and aromatic composition.In a saucepan poured two glasses of purified water through a carbon filter and then boiled.The lowered water peppercorns, bay leaf, three tablespoons of sugar and two fine iodized salt, and white mustard seeds.Before the end of cooking in the marinade lowered crushed garlic cloves and cut into small sticks horseradish.Brine was filtered, cooled to a temperature of sixty degrees and pour them prepared fish.The marinade can add a little vinegar or a few tablespoons of lime juice and lemon.

If the time to prepare the marinade is not, and bake in the oven for cod is necessary, the fish can be soaked in soy sauce.However, it should be remembered that to keep the cod in this aggressive and extremely salty environment is not worth more than ten minutes and add to the pan rather ordinary purified water.All spices should be put in the pan until the end of cooking.

best side dish for a fish is fresh rice or boiled green peas.In any case, a side dish to be bland, light and non-nutritive, moreover, it should contain a high proportion of fiber.As the beverage is served with fish fruit juice, wine or green tea.