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Although the 21st century full of sweeping the world, surprising constant progress, I tell you frankly, firmly stuck in the past.I had a chance last week to buy a computer, and to pass this information brief training offered more knowledgeable friend.I do not know which processor is better, not to mention the different nuances, for example, sound card, and so on. However, with the advent of the PC further training has not ended, it has moved into an efficient level.All you need to be investigated, because I was uncomfortable with my questions bore another, often distracting him from his work.So I started an individual "education", picking up information on a very successful resource that is created for these dummies like me.Do not believe me, after a month I could understand how to restore windows7, however, then I this information was not so much need.For fun, I read any articles on the right to the computers, troubleshooting, and so forth.

Know how to remove the virus VKontakte also handy since my home was infected.Having established under the resource, what type of the virus, I have decided on their own to deal with the problem, and I succeeded.Now I can be considered an experienced computer user, and until recently did not understand what wifi.I want to continue to feed itself of such information, as the technology is not standing still, always something improved, changed, created, thought out - you need to meet the requirements of the century.Thanks to a closer study of the features of the software, I eased significantly, and even improve their work.

Although the twenty-first century in all walks of the world, striking technological progress, I confess frankly, a long time stuck in the past.I was able to buy a computer recently, and before that to go a little training, courtesy of my friend advanced.I do not even have a clue what processor is better, without specifying about other details, such as network cards, and others. However, after purchasing the PC my study topics are not stopped, it has entered into an efficient level.All had a chance to look for yourself, as I did not want to get stupid questions buddy, often distracting him from his work.So I began self-study, drawing on information in the network on a very successful website, create a teapot, like me.A couple of weeks I was able to recover windows7, even then I was not given the opportunity to so desperately needed.For the overall development, I studied all the texts that dealt with the proper interaction with the computer, hardware, fix problems, etc.

Know how to remove the virus VKontakte also proved necessary because the personal page something caught.Having established for the publication of the resource, for a worm that, I decided to personally deal with it, and I did.Now I can call PC user, and a couple of months ago, did not even know what wifi.I continue to provide my mind such information, because evolution does not stand still, always something is created, improved, to invent, change - must be treated in terms of age.Through closer acquainted with the intricacies of the software, I have significantly simplified, even speed up its work.Now I can scan text in word, thus speeding up the required inspection procedures.This saves time and energy.

Anyone who is still afraid to come closer to a computer than a meter, recommend discard all fears.There is the opportunity to thoroughly test it possible, away from the jokes but the extra monitors, just studying numerous articles and cycling in practice this information.The main thing to find a quality site, which presents a simple tips for a beginner language.And similar sites in the network are, be assured.