How to cook delicious dough for pies on kefir

Pies are the perfect choice for a delicious Sunday lunch for the whole family and a great treat for unexpected guests.To make this kind of baking almost each family has its own recipes and preferences.One can endlessly experiment with toppings, bake pies in the oven or fry in a pan, use yeast or puff pastry.Many housewives fond dough for pies on kefir.Unlike yeast, the preparation of such a test does not take a lot of time using it fast enough, you can prepare the required number of pies.

fillings for pies - a topic for another day, it was too much of their species exist, but the dough for pies on yogurt can be prepared in just a few options, combining different ingredients.

easiest recipe test yogurt contains only flour and yogurt in ratio of 1: 2, that is, to 0.5 liters.kefir need a kilo of flour.Flour in the dough is better to take a pancake, the taste can be added to the dough a little salt or sugar.From yogurt with flour dough, if it will be a very soft, you must add the flour.Divide dough to pieces came out about the same, a little to stretch or roll out and add toppings.Fry patties in a frying pan in vegetable oil.

more ingredients contain more dough for pies on kefir, which can be called a universal product with any toppings.For its preparation 500 g.yogurt and 1 kilogram of flour is taken, as in the previous recipe, but beyond that added two eggs, 2-3 Art.l.vegetable oil, quite a bit of hydrated soda, a little sugar and salt.This dough will be more dense and elastic, frying gives a very lush white crumb.With him perfectly match all possible kinds of fillings and minced meat - apples, mashed potatoes, jam, onion and eggs, sausages, minced meat, rice, liver, but still perfect this dough for pies with cabbage.These and other cakes best fry in vegetable oil, but you can bake in the oven, then the surface will need to be greased pie with beaten egg.

You can choose to slightly modify the recipe and cook this very tender dough for pies on kefir.For the dough will need one egg, one cup of yogurt, about two cups of flour, a little soda (1/2 hr. L.), Salt and sugar to taste.You must first beat the egg with the sugar, then mix all ingredients except flour.Flour is added to the last turn is very closely one tablespoon, constantly stirring the dough.It should resemble the consistency of cottage cheese and dough, as a very thick pancake, do not add much flour - it should be just enough to properly form the patties.

followed by a table sprinkled with a thick layer of flour, spread the dough on a floured palm spoon moistened with water.Slightly flatten and put the stuffing.Remember that in the preparation of cakes almost double increase in size, so do not be pitied filling.Pinch the edges and place on a floured table, within minutes, you can send them to the pan.These patties are characterized in that they contain much less flour than conventional, and therefore they are not longer harden and remain fresh.

delicious juicy and hearty pastries are available if you use the dough for Tat on kefir.To prepare the dough is, you need 0.5 liters of yogurt and one kilo of flour to take one egg, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, a little salt, and the main difference from Pyrozhkov dough - yeast.To prepare the dough 10 gr.dried or 30 yeast dissolve in 5-10 ml.warm water or milk a few minutochek when foam is produced yeast, mix all remaining ingredients.When the dough ceases to stick to your hands, it is ready.This dough should not be too steep.Set aside for an hour in a warm place, then it will grow faster.Place the scones on the thinly rolled dough prepared stuffing and pinch them, shaping the Tat.Fry a few minutes on the hot oil.If you do a little belyashi with a very thick layer of dough is good propech them out only in the oven.

Try dough for pies on yogurt for cooking and entertain your family a great taste of your favorite baked goods.